Beaches in Formentera that will take your breath away

The island of Formentera is only accessible by water so what better way to travel here than on your yacht. The following beaches in Formentera are the perfect playground for a day in the sun and your captain knows just which ones to visit to have an unforgettable time.


A cabin with a view! When a turquoise sea and a pristine white beach are the first things you see in the morning after the gentle lapping of water against your yacht has announced the beginning of another day, you might ask yourself if you are really awake! During breakfast on deck you and your loved ones only have to decide what to do first, visit the beach, go snorkeling or have fun in the water. Formentera is the smallest of the Balearic Islands, and is a real gem of the Mediterranean Sea and the best beaches of Formentera seem to be postcards straight from the Caribbean.



formentera aerial

Ses Illetes

There is no doubt that the most famous beach in Formentera is Ses Illetes, which was voted as the most beautiful beach in Spain several times. The 1.5 kilometer long beach is located in the peninsula of Es Trucadors, in the northern part of Formentera, and is part of an ecosystem of sand dunes. You will be mesmerized by the colors of this beach. The sand has a pink glow to it, due to the mix of fine white grains of sand and the residue of coral dust that emerges from the sea.

On top of that, the color of the water seems to be a mixture of turquoise green and blue. The secret of the crystalline
water lies in the Posidonia Oceanica: this aquatic plant, very widespread throughout the Mediterranean Sea, is of great ecological importance and is considered an ecosystem protected by the European Union. This organism has a dual function: it produces a large quantity of oxygen and increases the transparency of marine waters. Its presence is an indicator of the excellent state of the waters.

In this authentic paradise located within the Natural Park of Ses Salines, the sea looks like a natural pool. You will find very shallow water with a sandy bottom, where you can walk into the sea for meters. This long stretch of beach preserves a wild and almost spartan aspect, but your crew will set up an idyllic, private area for you, complete with sunbeds and umbrellas and of course, your favorite drinks.

Photo Copyright: Passporter

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Llevant Beach

Ses Illetes and Llevant Beach are often called ‘the twins’ because the two beaches are really close to each other. If you feel like going for a hike, you can cross the sand dunes at Ses Illetes to get to Llevant Beach on the other side of the peninsula while the captain brings the yacht over. This side of the peninsula is often more windy and therefore more choppy.

If surfing is on your agenda, this beach will not disappoint. Even more so, when the wind blows from the west, the sea will be rippled at Ses Illetes and vice versa, when the wind blows from the east Llevant Beach will be very windy. The views from Llevant Beach towards the east coast of Formentera in the distance, and its large extensions of sand, make it a superb spot for any summer day.

Photo Copyright: Turismo de Formentera

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Caló des Mort

Caló Des Mort is one of those places that will leave you breathless. This secluded cove is part of the Migjorn Bay and while approaching the bay over water, you will already notice that the sea here takes on amazing shades of color. The famous Posidonia Oceanica marine plant and the presence of the cliffs here create a scenery rich in intense blues, varying from the most saturated blue to the lightest turquoises. Surrender to the magic of the island and go swimming in this natural pool.

The small cove is also perfect for doing some snorkeling, since you will find a lot of colorful fish between the rocks underwater. The crew will have the snorkeling equipment ready and while you are busy discovering the many fish species under water, your chief stewardess will make sure a beach picnic will be waiting for you once you are done.

After lunch, go for a walk and try to find the ‘escars’ the Caló Des Mort beach is characterized by: typical wooden boathouses used as dry docks for small fishing boats. This is also where the shell tree made famous by Instagram is located!

Calo des Mort

Ses Platgetes Beach

Quite close to the village Es Caló de Sant Agustí, you will find Ses Platgetes, a series of beautiful sand beaches with rocky areas in between them. These beaches are quiet and remote and the water is crystal clear. Your captain will anchor the yacht here and tender you to the soft sandy beach to enjoy some time in the sun. The water is perfect for swimming or snorkeling and of course the crew will make sure all the water toys are ready for you to enjoy. How about exploring this area by kayak or jet ski?

Maybe it is time to finally show your skills on the water slide! Your favorite cocktail will be ready for you, on deck, at the beach, or while you are floating around in the turquoise water, not ready to call it a day yet.

Photo Copyright: 4Mentera

ses platgetes 4 formentera

Cala Saona Beach

The beach in Cala Saona is only 140 meters long, nevertheless it is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Formentera. In fact, it is the only relatively large cove on the island and on top of that, very calm. In addition to the great beach, the surrounding area is also precious with magnificent views. The nearby cliffs of Punta Rasa are the best place to watch the wonderful sunset in Formentera, so maybe this beach is the one where you will wake up the next day, with a view!

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