Almost ThereALMOST THERE: Sanlorenzo SX112SX112 THERE SX112 Sanlorenzo model isn't just a yacht; it's a statement of luxury, innovation, and impeccable taste. From the bow's serene Jacuzzi to the lavish interior spaces, every aspect of this yacht is designed to offer an unparalleled yachting experience. Whether cruising calm waters or hosting stylish events, the SX112 exceeds expectations, indulging desires and creating unforgettable moments onboard.Sanlorenzo202454 Double Cabins, 1 Twin Cabins1123 knots34.2meuro135,000120,000120,000The BalearicsSpain Sanlorenzo SL86SL86 liters/hour at 13knCrafted with a planing hull configuration by the esteemed builder Sanlorenzo, Astrimare cuts through the waves with style and functionality. Navigating the crystal-clear waters of the Balearics, this vessel promises a voyage marked by grace and sophistication.1010% Off dates available in August & SeptemberhighaugustSanlorenzo202441 Master + 2 VIP + 1 Twins832 knots26.8meuro75,00070,00070,000The BalearicsSpain BlueONE BLUE Oceanline Frank Mulder Yacht10% OFF IN ALL BOOKINGS (Needs to be applied in the price shown)Frank Mulder design one with the ocean on ONE BLUE. Experience total freedom at sea on board this Oceanline yacht. Dutch yacht designer Frank Mulder, has created the perfect setting to live life on the sea, with an inviting and contemporary ambiance.10%10% off May, June & Sep = 89.820€ p/wMAY, JUNE, SEPTEMBEROceanline2009/202064 Double, 2 Twin1222 knots38.7 meuro109,00099,80099,800CroatiaMontenegro STEFANICONTE STEFANI: Horizon Elegance 11510% OFF IN JUNE & SEPTEMBERElegance 115 STEFANI is a 34.96 m Motor Yacht, built in Taiwan by Horizon, delivered in 2006 and refined in 2023. She is the only Elegance 115 Dynasty model.OpenOpenhighHorizon2006/202453 Double Cabins, 2 Twin Cabins1219 knots35meuro65,00060,00060,000CroatiaMontenegro IINOOR II Sanlorenzo SL102A10% OFF IN JUNE & SEPTEMBERSL102A 15kn 385 lt/hNoor II, an asymmetrical beauty, showcases Sanlorenzo Shipyards’ willingness to enter uncharted territory, as the first asymmetric yacht ever built.Sanlorenzo202053 Double Cabins, 1 Twin Cabins, 1 Convertible Cabins1127.5 knots31.1meuro115,000105,000105,000CroatiaMontenegro GoldBLUE GOLD: Falcon Yacht 100100 Blue Gold is a 31-meter Falcon Yacht, masterfully designed by the renowned Stefano Righini. This luxurious vessel offers expansive spaces, both indoors and outdoors. From a serene jacuzzi situated on the flybridge to a lavish master-suite on the main deck with direct access to a sunbathing area, every detail has been thoughtfully considered.Falcon2001/202353 Double Cabins, 2 Twin Cabins1122 knots31meuro56,00048,00048,000The BalearicsSpain Moonen Yacht 97'97' Motor yacht Heerlijckheid (meaning ‘Glory’), will make sure your days sailing around the Mediterranean will be just that – glorious. This Dutch pedigree gentlemen’s motor yacht, built by Moonen and delivered in 2010, has been built to the highest industry standards. Throughout the years updates have kept her in perfect condition.20% OFF JULY CHARTERSMoonen2010/201942 Double Cabins, 1 Twin Cabins, 1 Convertible Cabins913.8 knots30.4meuro70,00060,00060,000Western MediterraneanItalySouth of France Dutch Custom BuiltCustom built sail to new horizons with Orizzonte and create unforgettable memories in the unmatched setting the South of France and Italy have to offer.Dutch202044 Double Cabins813.5 knots30meuro70,00065,00065,000Western MediterraneanItalySouth of FranceMonaco Sunseeker 100100 the Sunseeker 100, Scorpion, take you on an exclusive yacht vacation in South of France. This 29.85-meter private yacht is a statement of elegance that will leave you speechless. Sunseeker202253 Double Cabins, 2 Twin Cabins1021 knots29.8meuro95,00090,00090,000SardiniaCorsicaSouth of France STARSFIVE STARS: Mangusta Overmarine 92Overmarine 92 m3Welcome aboard the Five Stars by Mangusta, a sleek 28m motor yacht that makes a bold statement in the world of luxury yachting experiences.Mangusta (Overmarine)2005/201941 Single Cabins, 2 Double Cabins, 1 Twin Cabins1038 knots28.2meuro73,40056,00056,000The Balearics Sunseeker Predator 92Predator 92 the ultimate choice for those who yearn for sun-drenched days in the paradise of the Balearic islands. UM7, with her majestic 28 meters, stands ready to bring you on a Balearic luxury yacht journey that will leave an everlasting mark in your memories. Sunseeker2008/202242 Double Cabins, 2 Twin Cabins824 knots28meuro73,40056,00056,000The Balearics Sanlorenzo SL90A10% OFF IN JUNESL90A is not just a lucky number onboard this beautiful Sanlorenzo SL90 Asymmetric yacht. A rebel to the yachting world, the SL90A rethinks the ordinary layout of a yacht, enticing you with her unconventional beauty.1010% Off dates available in August & SeptemberhighaugustSanlorenzo202244 Double Cabins827 knots27.6meuro84,00079,00079,000The Balearics©-YachtShot-H018-scaled.jpg©-YachtShot-H010-1.jpg©-YachtShot-H011.jpg©-YachtShot-H012-scaled.jpg©-YachtShot-H013.jpg©-YachtShot-H021.jpg©-YachtShot-H062-scaled.jpg©-YachtShot-H063-scaled.jpg©-YachtShot-H017.jpg©-YachtShot-H014.jpg©-YachtShot-H016.jpg©-YachtShot-H015.jpg©-YachtShot-H020-1.jpg©-YachtShot-H020-scaled.jpg©-YachtShot-H018-1.jpg©-YachtShot-H019.jpg©-YachtShot-H022.jpg©-YachtShot-H046-scaled.jpg©-YachtShot-H023.jpg©-YachtShot-H026-1.jpg©-YachtShot-H025.jpg©-YachtShot-H060-scaled.jpg©-YachtShot-H027.jpg©-YachtShot-H029.jpg©-YachtShot-H028-1.jpg©-YachtShot-H024-1.jpg©-YachtShot-H026-scaled.jpg©-YachtShot-H024-scaled.jpg©-YachtShot-H016-1.jpg©-YachtShot-H028-scaled.jpg©-YachtShot-H017-1.jpg©-YachtShot-H015-1.jpg©-YachtShot-H014-1.jpg©-YachtShot-H031-scaled.jpg©-YachtShot-H032-scaled.jpg©-YachtShot-H033-scaled.jpg©-YachtShot-H034-scaled.jpg©-YachtShot-H012-1.jpg©-YachtShot-H010-2.jpg©-YachtShot-H011-1.jpg©-YachtShot-H013-1.jpgValentina IIVALENTINA II Sanlorenzo SD92SD92 timeless exterior meets modern contemporary interior onboard VALENTINA II, this 27 meter Sanlorenzo yacht. 1515% DISCOUNT IN AUG & SEPhighaugust, septemberSanlorenzo2011/202142 Double Cabins, 1 Twin Cabins, 1 Convertible Cabins817.5 knots27.6meuro69,00062,00062,000CroatiaMontenegro AlbertiCONTE ALBERTI: Horizon 9010% OFF IN JUNE & SEPTEMBER90–-kopija_2500.jpgmotor meter timeless Conte Alberti built in GRP by Taiwan's Horizon yard, the Elegance 90 was delivered in 2006 and accommodates eight guest in four staterooms.Horizon2006/202043 Double Cabins, 1 Twin Cabins819 knots27.4meuro44,00040,00040,000Eastern MediterraneanCroatiaGreeceMontenegroTurkey–-kopija_2500.jpg–-kopija_2500.jpg TOWNFUNKY TOWN Canados Open 90 Open 90 m3Step aboard Funky Town, the 27m Canados Open 90 yacht that guarantees that you'll be seen, heard, and remembered. Experience the vibrant rhythm of the Balearic Islands with a touch of elegance. As you and your friends gracefully make your entrance to bustling harbors, watch as the lively parties come to a halt, with all attention diverted to your magnificent yacht.Canados2009/202243 Double Cabins, 1 Twin Cabins944 knots27.5meuro67,20050,00050,000The Balearics KARAT IIMY KARAT II Azimut 6666 m2With a perfect balance between the exterior and interior, designed by Carlo Galeazzi, MY KARAT II has raised the bar in her category. Azimut201742 Double Cabins, 2 Twin Cabins828 knots20.3meuro32,00023,90023,900CroatiaMontenegro 20% OFF IN OCTOBER CHARTERS (Open for bookings from July) l/h at 12knLet the 52-meter luxury yacht ‘Oasis’ make your Mediterranean dreams come true. Whether you’re dreaming of Southern France's historical wonders, Italy's artistic shores, Greece's culinary delights, or basking in the sunlit coasts of Croatia, Montenegro, or Turkey, doing it aboard ‘Oasis’ is the given choice.Oceanco1997/202464 Double Cabins, 1 Twin Cabins, 1 Convertible Cabins121652.5meuro270,000245,000245,000Eastern MediterraneanCroatiaGreeceMontenegroTurkey ROUNDNavetta 28 into a world of unparalleled luxury with MY Bonus Round, your exclusive gateway to the sun-soaked paradise of Miami and the Bahamas. Delivered by Custom Line in 2017, this 28.31-meter motor yacht is an invitation to indulge in the ultimate yachting escape.Custom Line2017/202242 Single Cabins, 1 Twin Cabins, 1 Convertible Cabins101628.3mdollar88,00073,00073,000FloridaUSThe Bahamas and Caribbean 3This Ferretti Yacht 750 is not just a vessel; it's a floating sanctuary of luxury, perfect for exploring the vibrant waters of Miami and the Bahamas. Immerse yourself in the lavish amenities, relax on the spacious decks, and create lasting memories as you embark on a journey of unparalleled elegance.Ferretti2016/202342 Single Cabins, 2 Twin Cabins83022.9mdollar55,80046,80046,800FloridaUSThe Bahamas and Caribbean 10% OFF IN JUNE CHARTERSWide Body 75 aboard 'Nylec', a Conam 75 Wide Body yacht, for an exclusive yacht experience in the gems of Italy. Unveil the dramatic cliffs, lush mountains, and picturesque beaches of the Southern Italian islands in unparalleled style and speed. 9,7ALMOST 10% OFF IN JUNE CHARTERSjuneCantieri Rodriguez2003/202342 Double Cabins, 2 Twin Cabins82623.6meuro28,80025,00025,000Amalfi CoastSicilyItaly OFF BOOKINGS MADE IN JUNE (Applies to High & Low Seasons)Explorer M26 aboard the AEGEAN Explorer M26, a 26-meter marvel that seamlessly weaves together elegance, nautical ingenuity, and a steadfast commitment to sustainability. Aegean Yachts202263 Double Cabins, 3 Twin Cabins121226meuro59,95052,95052,950Western MediterraneanSardiniaItalySouth of FranceEastern MediterraneanGreeceTurkey