10-day Eastern Balearic Yacht Charter Itinerary

This itinerary is the ideal yachting plan for return charter guests and anyone who wishes to explore the quieter, wilder, and more authentic side of the Balearics

Private escape

To inspire you, we offer this model itinerary that starts in Mallorca’s exclusive marina at Puerto Portals and meanders along the spectacular southern coast where you can bay-hop from one dreamy cove to the next. Throughout the entire journey, you’ll have the chance to stop in exclusive ports and can enjoy a wonderful balance of nature and glamour.

Yet discovering hidden treasures in the Balearics is primarily what this itinerary is all about. Enjoying leisurely explorations, onboard luxuries, and amazing culinary delights, requires a delicate balancing act and we believe we have created it with this unique itinerary.



Day 1 – Embarkation in Puerto Portals, Palma de Mallorca

Puerto Portals is where glamorous Mallorca comes to life – where the world’s most fabulous celebrities enjoy the opulent side of the Balearics.

On this first charter morning, your Captain and crew will be eagerly awaiting your arrival on board your luxury yacht – the welcome cocktails will be crisp, the mood jovial and the expectations of the week ahead, sky-high

Es Trenc

Es Trenc’ is one of Mallorca’s most spectacular beaches and a 2km-stretch of white sandy beach that will take your breath away. This is an ideal spot for all your yacht charter ‘firsts’: the first dip in the turquoise seas, the first chance to get acquainted with the arsenal of water toys your yacht carries, and your first real chance to relax and unwind.

Exclusive lunch on board

An exquisite lunch of freshly-grilled seafood will be prepared by your Private Chef as you delight in the beauty of Es Trenc’. A relaxing afternoon will follow, either spent on thrilling water sports, relaxing on the uncrowded beach, or luxuriating aboard your yacht. Get to know your crew and all the yacht’s amenities and discover the amazing experiences that lie ahead for you, this week.

Sundowners on the sundeck

In the early evening, enjoy delicious sundowners on the outer deck and drool at the wafting aroma of your dinner being prepared in the galley. As a welcome dinner, your Chef might delight you with a sumptuous paella of freshly-caught delights, perfectly paired with a glass of refreshing verdejo to enhance flavors. Soak up the spectacle of a spectacular starry night before retiring to your sumptuous cabin and enjoying the first blissful night’s sleep.

Day 2 – Cala Llombards & Cala d’Or

Few things feed the soul like an early-morning swim in the Balearics and your morning in Es Trenc’ is certainly no different. Don’t miss the spectacular sunrise here, before jumping in and starting your day in the best way possible: with a swim and a breakfast of hand-made ensaimada, the fluffiest sweet pastry you will ever have the pleasure of tasting.

After breakfast, you’ll be free to lie back on the deck and soak up the Balearic sun and sea spray, as your yacht makes its way back to around the south-eastern coast of Mallorca.

Cala Llombards

Cala Llombards, a bay protected by high rocky cliffs, is where you can swim and play with water toys for hours, totally undisturbed

Cala d'Or

Cala d’Or, just a short distance away, you’ll find a beautiful marina, an amazing choice of seafood restaurants, and a delightfully vibrant town.

Day 3 – Portocolom & Cala Millor

If the aroma of freshly-brewed coffee doesn’t entice you to join your crew on the aft deck this morning, perhaps the day’s exciting plan may do so. Today, you’ll discover some lesser-known bays on Mallorca’s southeastern coast as you make your way towards Menorca.


A traditional fishing town that’s managed to retain its authentic charm, Portocolom is nestled in one of the most striking natural bays in all of Mallorca. Its distinctive lighthouse and overall enchanting scenery are reminiscent of the island of many decades ago and we find the tapas bars and high-class restaurants here to be among the very best in the Balearics. We highly recommend sauntering through town and letting your nose and eyes direct you to the best eateries, although your crew will always recommend the most celebrated hot-spots.

Cala Millor

Further north is where you’ll find Cala Millor, one of the (very many) coves you can explore in the afternoon. The slow and relaxing journey north will shorten tomorrow’s sailing time to Menorca and offer ample chances to discover bays that are way off the beaten path.

Day 4 – Mahon, Menorca

Waking up early in anticipation of the longest yachting day of the week is usually easy on this Balearic luxury yacht charter itinerary. After all: charter guests cherish the true experience of yachting in the open sea.


As your Chef wows your taste buds on Mallorquin breakfast specialties, your Captain will lay out the yachting plan for the next two days. Today, you’ll set your sight for Mahon, Menorca’s capital and one of the most extraordinary harbor towns in the world. Navigating Mahon’s 5km-long harbor is an incredible experience that eludes many Balearic yacht charter guests, although the extra time needed to reach the port is always handsomely rewarded.

Parque Natural des’Albufera

On your way to Mahon, you’ll be cruising past the Parque Natural des’Albufera, a place of unspoiled wilderness and home to five enchanting islands you will love to explore. Take your time, enjoy the scenery and stop to dive into sapphire waters at will.

Day 5 – Cala en Bosc, Menorca

Cala en Bosc (or Bosch) and its striking stretch of sparkling white beach, just a few nautical miles south of Ciutadella de Menorca, is the perfect place to drop anchor and enjoy an invigorating swim after sailing all morning. You will have leisurely cruised up the western coast of Menorca, stopping by secluded bays to play in the sea and reaching the striking bay just in time for a delectable aperitif.


A quick sail north will see you dock at Ciutadella, Menorca’s former capital and an enchanting place for a spot of lunch, and a visit to the 17th-century cathedral and the captivating Old Town center. An evening ashore is rewarding in Ciutadella, the small historic town offering an abundance of drinking, dining, and nightlife options.

Day 6 – Pollença, Mallorca

In the morning on day 6, you’ll be cruising back to Mallorca, this time anchoring in beautiful Pollença on the north-eastern coast. The striking landscapes on this side of the island are unique and captivating, and you’ll also no-doubt enjoy strolling the streets of this yet-to-be-overrun-with-tourists Mallorcan seaside town. Find an idyllic plaza, enjoy a café con leche and soak up the atmosphere, shop for some locally made crafts, or, if you fancy, enjoy a SCUBA diving excursion instead.

Cap de Formentor

The waters around Cap de Formentor are famously marine-life-enriched and this area offers some of the best diving experiences in the Balearics. A wonderful reason to ensure your luxury Balearic yacht charter is diving equipped! The cape is windswept and dramatic and the views from the lighthouse are to die for – take your tender to shore and walk up for the most breath-taking views of all.

Day 7 – Port de Soller

This morning, after a light breakfast on board, prepare for a cruise of outstanding visual feasting. Exploring the northern coastline of Mallorca, headed towards Soller, is something many yacht charter guests get through far too quickly. This dramatic coastline is something that should be enjoyed leisurely. The coast is absolutely spectacular and the views of Sierra Tramuntana tumbling into the sea make for unforgettable Balearic yacht charter memories.

Jaw-dropping landscapes

The options to stop along the northern coast today are plentiful: this stretch of coastal Mallorca is heavily intended and deserted coves for swimming and water-sports are nearly endless. This is perhaps the most idyllic stretch of this itinerary because it takes you well away from the built-up areas of Mallorca and past its most secluded bays and most jaw-dropping landscapes.

Untouched bays

Today, you’ll pass beaches and coves that can only be reached by yacht or mule-drawn carts on dirt tracks. This is Balearic yachting heaven, right here and exactly what outdoor lounging areas charter yachts are designed for. Eventually, the dramatic rocky headlands give way to Port de Soller. Here, you have the option of dining on the yacht or visiting one of the many excellent seafood restaurants around the marina. Spend the night in port or anchored nearby on a sheltered cove.

Day 8 – La Dragonera

Today will show you the beauty of a longer Balearic yacht charter. Taking your sweet time in the morning, head to nearby La Dragonera, an uninhabited marine and land reserve where Mother Nature reigns supreme.

La Dragonera

A tiny speck of an island merely 4 square meters in size. On land, you’ll find three walking trails that lead you to three distinct lighthouses and a high point (Na Popis) that offers staggering coastal views all-round.

Watch frolicking dolphins

Back on your luxury yacht, you can dive right into the inviting waters – seeing frolicking dolphins here is commonplace. A night spent anchored just off the coast of Dragonera is an absolute yacht charter dream.

Day 9 – Port d’Andratx

Leave Dragonera in your wake as you enjoy a glorious platter of fresh Mallorcan fruits for breakfast. You may be nearing the end of your Balearic yacht charter but there’s still so much to be enjoyed!


Delightful Andratx is the place to enjoy some catch-to-table seafood specialties, the charming town embedded in a Sierra Tramuntana valley that dramatically opens to the sapphire waters of the Mediterranean. The town’s unique location makes for startling scenery. The elegant town sits on elevated hills drenched in orchards, right above the port.

City life

This is a wonderful place for strolling, shopping, and discovering cultural and historical treasures. Often dubbed the ‘St Tropex of the Balearics’, Andratx is one of the classiest fishing villages you will ever visit. Spend your evening ashore and soak up the relaxing yet luxurious setting.

Day 10 – Return to Palma

Today you will be returning to Palma after a relaxing breakfast and bringing your fantastic Eastern Balearic yacht charter itinerary to a close.

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“A 10-day Eastern Balearic yacht charter itinerary – a return voyage from Palma de Mallorca to Menorca and back up and over the lesser-explored northern coastline – delivers the very best experiences of the archipelago.”

Boatsters Black team

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