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Meet the team of Boatsters Black and see how we started from a small company in Amsterdam to an international company with multiple offices!

Our Story

At Boatsters Black, we understand the best way to charter a luxury yacht. The youth of Boatsters Black brings many advantages, along with embracing the latest technologies and having a refreshing perspective. However, do not be fooled by our age, as we are by no means new to the yachting and charter industry with over 50 years of boating experience. Opening the doors in 2015, we have been pairing charter guests with exceptional yachts ever since.

With an extensive portfolio of yachts, combined with our global network, Boatsters Black has a grip on the industry unmatched by others. As an international team of professionals who go above and beyond, we are more than equipped to bring you your most memorable vacation to date.



As the leading provider of bespoke yachting experiences, Boatsters Black proudly boasts the most extensive Central Agency Yacht fleet from the Benelux, ending 2023 with 16 superyachts and increasing to 21 in January 2024.


Boatsters Black become part of Yachtfolio

Boatsters Black, the first Dutch charter organization to officially become part of Yachtfolio, a database used by the world’​s top brokerage companies.


Boatsters Black is subscriber of MYBA

Boatsters Black is a subscriber of MYBA; the Worldwide Yachting Association, which guides its subscribers on the highest ethical and technical standards, ensuring Corporate and Individual Members meet the requirements of the Rules of Conduct. This ensures the highest quality standards are met within the yacht charter industry.


Boatsters Super Yachts

Boatsters expands fleet with 6 super yachts, adding up to a fleet-total of six superyachts.


First Central Agency

First Central Agency listing of a 30+ meter super yacht.


2nd Int. Office

The second international office opens in Palma de Mallorca. With multiple agents spread across the Mediterranean.


First Yacht office

Boatsters’ network of global partners sees an exponential growth and consists of an increase from 3 to 60+ countries.The Boatsters Yacht Office opens successfully operating the Mediterranean.


Partnership with Lengers

Through the partnership with Lengers Yachts we expand operations to the Mediterranean and open up to the extension of the super yacht charter market.


Founded in the Netherlands

Starting out with a focus on the charter of boats in Dutch waters, mainly in the canals of Amsterdam to offer luxury boat trips in Holland.

The Boatsters Black mission

At Boatsters, we believe chartering a yacht is like coming home. Only to a home you’ve never been before. A luxury home crewed by a fantastic team of professionals who are there purely to turn an ‘ordinary experience’ into an extraordinary adventure

This is what sets luxury crewed yacht charters apart – what makes them the single most rewarding and invaluable way to vacation with your loved ones in an outrageously beautiful part of the world.

Home is where life happens. A luxury charter yacht with Boatsters Black is where magic happens.


Meet the management team

Nick Gelevert Lengers


Coming from a yachting family dating back more than five decades, Nick is the head of the Boatsters Black team. He has managed to create an entirely new spin on the industry by incorporating his love of boats with his passion for traveling. Creating and taking Boatsters Black to new heights is the reason Nick wakes up in the morning, driven and ready to start the day strong. Cherry picking his team to ensure due diligence, Nick stands fully behind his team of yacht experts.

+34 871 180 020

David Ramljak

General Manager

David has been part of the team since the start of Boatsters Black. Not only has he seen Boatsters Black grow immensely over the past few years, he is one of the main reasons for the growth. While helping Boatsters Black to the top of the charter industry, David has created an extensive yacht and client base, delivering the kind of personalized yacht charter experience that only a specialist with inside information can offer.

+34 871 180 020

Nerma Hecimovic

Central Agency Manager

With an extensive background in hospitality after receiving her Tourism Management degree, five years working onboard super yachts as chief stewardess, and after a successful 2 years at Boatsters Black as a broker and as a central agency manager, you cannot be in better hands. Due to her in-depth first-hand experience, Nerma not only understands our clients’ needs and expectations, but she will go above and beyond to ensure a unique and personal experience. From choosing the yacht and crew to a customized itinerary and surprises, Nerma takes it personally.

+34 639 262 859

Tom Bouma

CA Manager Assistant

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Tom has had the privilege of living around some of the world's most renowned Dutch yacht builders. This has fueled his love for the yachting industry from an early age and made him spend countless hours on the Dutch lakes. The past seven years Tom has been working around the world in various roles within the commercial retail industry. This has made him grow a big passion for creating exceptional customer journeys, ensuring that clients receive a tailor-made and unforgettable experience. Together with his deep love for the world of yachting, Tom is now committed to providing the best possible charter experience, from start to finish.

+34 674 588 796

Josh Cripps

Charter Broker

With eight years working within the yachting industry onboard and in a managerial position ashore, Josh has worn many hats in the industry. He stepped into the charter management position with a fresh approach to ensure all CA yachts are managed effectively and efficiently. Working at sea gives Josh that understanding and respect for the people within his network.

+34 632 752 743

Philippe Van de Ryse

Belgium Charter Consultant

As Sales Director for Lengers Yachts Belgium and avid traveller, Philippe brings an abundance of knowledge to the table when speaking about the perfect summer vacation. As the head organizer of the famous Zoute Rally in Belgium, and with experience in the private aviation sector, Philippe is not a new face to the luxury industry. With his kind and open personality, Philippe offers a listening ear and is ready to assist you in his office in Knokke or via phone or email.

+32 475 259 231

Susan Gevers

Personal Concierge

Since graduating from hospitality management, Susan has worked in the luxury sector across the globe. Travelling has always been an important part of Susan’s life. Originally from the Netherlands, she spent the past 15 years living overseas, including time in Curaçao, Aruba and the British Virgin Islands. She is currently based in Lisbon and discovering more of the beauty of Europe. Set out to pursue projects that she is passionate about, she wanted to use her love of travel in her work and took the opportunity to join the Boatsters team. After several years of delivering unique guest experiences in the travel and leisure industry, Susan fits perfect in the role as our Personal Concierge. She works with guests, captains and brokers to provide innovative and unique experiences around the world – which is where she finds the greatest satisfaction.

+34 673 684 500

Giuliana Rizzari

Marketing Director

Giuliana is one of the most recent team members of Boatsters Black but with almost a decade of MarCom experience, she was ready to take up this challenge! With a master's in Communications, Digital Marketing and Journalism, her professional portfolio was enriched by varied Private and Public players. Originally from Italy, she moved first to Belgium to work with European Institutions & International Event Agencies to then start her journey all around Europe, embracing the digital nomad lifestyle, finally landing in Spain in 2020. Now she is based with the rest of the team in Palma de Mallorca actively building up Boatsters Black's horizontal expansion.

+34 661 315 611

Marta Gonzalo

Head of Digital Marketing

With more than six years of experience working in marketing for several international clients, Marta has joined the team to take Boatsters Black to the next level. Digitalization is a must, and the young and innovative team of Boatsters Black wants to be on top of that. Thanks to Marta, we are able to provide you with a streamlined digital service, to ensure the communication process before, during and after your charter is flawless.

+34 632 689 446

Anita Zuzul

Financial Manager

During the bustling summer months of 2022, the Financial Team of Boatsters Black welcomed Anita with open arms. With a background in graphic design and experience in business analysis for company software, no one complements the team as well as Anita. Originally from Ontario, Canada, her love for travel and adventure brought her to Palma, Mallorca, where her fresh ideas and great entrepreneurial spirit mirror what Boatsters Black stands for. After a brief stint at a charter company in Australia, Anita now pairs her calm attitude with just the right amount of adrenaline to assist at so many more levels at the office than just the financial one.

+34 673 685 772

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