Yacht charter in Greece

Greece has been a yachting paradise in the Eastern Mediterranean for as long as people can remember. With its ancient history, fabulous cuisine and hundreds of islands, Greece is a feast of culture and offers an enormous diversity to explore during your yacht charter holiday. Seeing the dazzling Greek islands by luxury charter yacht allows you to hop between the islands, sampling a range of their unique sights and activities.

Why charter a luxury yacht in Greece?

Tranquil coves and plenty of clubs on metropolitan islands at the same time: a yacht charter in Greece is the best way to explore the glistening Greek sea and visit unique islands and beaches of your choice. Discover vibrant islands such as Mykonos, sophisticated bars and restaurants in small coastal towns on the island of Naxos and the historic yet edgy island of Santorini that is truly breathtaking. Greece is the perfect destination for both a quiet vacation in beautiful surroundings and a party holiday with many entertainment options. Yacht charter in Greece provides the ideal mix of excitement and tranquility

Top destinations in Greece

One of the unique features of the country of Greece is that it is made up of a vast collection of islands. The mainland region is just a small part of the country and there are actually 1400 islands in total. This means that there is a massive choice when it comes to choosing the best location for a Greek island adventure. A luxury yacht charter gives you the opportunity to freely hop between a series of islands. This experience brings a greater sense of adventure and the chance to see much more of the country, at your own pace.

With so many islands to choose from, it can be difficult to plan a route. This is why we picked four of the best islands for a private yacht charter in Greece to inspire you. Whether you would like to party in Mykonos, are looking for a romantic getaway in Santorini, visit the family-friendly island of Naxos or have fun in the crystal clear water of Kefalonia, the Greek islands got you covered.

Yacht charter in Santorini

Santorini is famous for its whitewashed, cube-shaped buildings adorned with blue accents and its steep cliffs. The island is a natural wonder of the world. Its famous volcano, which constitutes a magnificent sight, formed the island and gave it its current shape.

Yacht Charter in Mykonos

Mykonos has always been a mesmerizing juxtaposition between a cosmopolitan jet set lifestyle and traditional life. With every beach, every rock, every building narrating its own story, this fashionable destination enchants not only with its legendary parties and vibrant night scene but also its unique energy and unbeatable Cycladic charm.

Yacht charter in Naxos

According to mythology, Naxos was the nuptial isle of the god Dionysus, the god of wine. This is why there is a sanctuary dedicated to Dionysus here. Ideal for families and romantic couples, Plaka, Agios Prokopios, Orkos and Mikri Vigla are among the most beautiful beaches on the island, while the entire western coastline is ideal for windsurfing and kitesurfing due to the strong winds that blow there in the afternoon.

Yacht charter in Kefalonia

The Ionian Islands are famous for their dramatic sheer cliff beaches and the incredible color of the water. At Fteri Beach on the island of Kefalonia, you will be mesmerized by the turquoise sea, the amazing dramatic coastline and the unique scenery.

Yachts for charter in Greece

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Best time to charter a yacht in Greece

The best weather in Greece is from late April to early November when there is lots of sunshine and little rain. The best months for swimming and sunbathing on the Greek islands is from June to September. The Greek islands are blessed with a beautiful Mediterranean climate that is ideal for travel all year round, but summer is really when the islands come alive. With temperatures often soaring above 40C during the peak summer season, the Greek islands are a hive of activity, boasting the best nightlife and beach parties of the Mediterranean.

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About Greece

While the Greek islands are known for their party atmosphere, they are also hugely popular for its bewildering beaches, sheltered bays, coastal caves and further inland, their ancient villages, monasteries and world-class museums. Rich in culture, and with excellent food and turquoise waters – it is no secret that the Greek islands are some of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the Mediterranean.

History of Greece

The history of Greece can be traced back to Stone Age hunters, with the ancient Greek classical and Hellenistic eras without doubt the most defining times. The ancient civilization has left behind a myriad of ideas, concepts and the basics of what we now call Western civilization. The art and architecture of ancient Greece have proved highly influential in today’s time and traces can be found everywhere in Western society.

Gastronomy of Greece

Greek cuisine offers a rich and diverse array of food. Its rich flavors change with the season and are also the culmination of thousands of years of tradition. From the unique fried cheese appetizer of saganaki to the more traditional souvlaki, you will find an endless variety of mouth-watering dishes in the Greek islands.

The unique benets of a private yacht charter in Greece

What better way to explore the Greek island than with your own luxury yacht? Private yacht charter has always been associated with vacationing in Greece and the Greek islands are among the most popular destinations in the world of yachting. Next to freedom, privacy and independence, private yacht charters will also give you a time to connect. Aboard a yacht, time passes more slowly. It's a chance to get back to nature and enjoy life's simple pleasures—like a dolphin swimming by or a spectacular sunset. Most importantly, you spend quality time with those closest to you, in one of the most sought-after destinations around the globe.

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Frequently asked questions about a yacht charter in Greece

What does the charter contract look like?

The majority of the industry works with standardised contracts which have been created and refined by a consortium of industry professionals called MYBA. The charter contract outlines all the variables of a specific charter, such as the yacht, price, dates and location, as well as all the terms and conditions which cover all eventualities and the relationship between the various parties to the agreement.

In addition to the charter rate, which is the cost of renting the yacht, its equipment and its crew, there are extra costs which will be charged on top. These typically include any tax due on the charter (see VAT section above) and the APA which covers everything you will consume during your charter. On a case by case basis there may be delivery fees if you prefer to book the yacht in a location different to its base. Finally, some yachts require security deposits when hosting events.

All yachts have a limitation as to the number of guests which can be accommodated on board. This relates to the rules and regulations for the safety of passengers and is determined for each yacht based on the number of berths (individual sleeping places) and safety equipment. The maximum number of guests on board is usually 12, which is dictated by the general rules for commercial vessels, although some larger yachts can accommodate up to 36 guests if they are classified as passenger ships.

The process of booking a yacht can be quite complex, between finding the right yacht from the thousands available on the market, negotiating the best rates, the contract, working out the itinerary, the most efficient tax structure and many more. Our charter agents are here to take care of all the details so that you can focus on the fun part of the trip: relaxing on board and enjoying the sea and the area you are cruising!

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