What are the Best Anchorages in the Caribbean?

Unmatched sunsets. Underwater adventures. Lounging on deck with your family and friends. Dinner under the stars. Enjoying breathtaking white sand beaches with turquoise waters while exploring the coral reef. Are you getting excited for your upcoming Caribbean vacation on board of your own luxury yacht? Boatsters Black has put together this list of the best anchorages in the Caribbean islands to enjoy the unforgettable Caribbean islands vibes fully.

What do you need to know about the Caribbean islands before your yacht charter?

The beauty of the Caribbean is beyond words, and visiting the islands in this area is an experience that you will remember for quite a while. So what are the best anchorages in the Caribbean and where should your captain drop the anchor? Where will you be able to witness the most spectacular sunsets, and where will you be able to encounter the most colorful fish the next morning when you and your loved ones will jump off deck for an early morning snorkelling adventure? With around 7,000 different islands to choose from, there are anchorages galore to match your preferences! And as a trip to the Caribbean is often also a journey to multiple countries, you will not only be able to hop from island to island but also from country to country, experiencing a range of diversity on many levels while staying right in the same small region of the world with relatively short cruising times.

So, which anchorages will give you the opportunity to enjoy the unforgettable atmosphere and ambience of the islands fully? Boatsters Black has put together this list to inspire you with all the must-visit locations and experiences available. Do you like to go out, explore the towns of the islands or have dinner in one of the many excellent restaurants to experience the local cuisine? We know where to go! Are you looking for that remote island feeling and even more remote anchorage spot? We got you covered. There are still a few truly peaceful spots to anchor up at, with their unspoiled beauty, and snorkeling spots, ready to provide an amazing experience where we, and your captain, can almost guarantee you will have the place to yourself.

Where to anchor my yacht in Antigua?

With its friendly people, pink and white beaches, pleasant breeze and crystal-clear water, it is no wonder that Antigua is known as the gateway to the Caribbean. There are several options to drop the anchor on this beautiful island, to start your Yacht charter holiday, famous for its boating community and diving adventures.

The island of Antigua was discovered in 1493 by Christopher Columbus, and he decided to name the island Antigua, which has stuck ever since. The island was originally inhabited by the Arawak Indians, who date back to before Christ. It is believed they arrived on the islands by small boats, paddling their way from South America. English settlers arrived in Antigua in 1632 and immediately set up farming for sugar, tobacco and spices. The French temporarily occupied Antigua for several months in 1666, but it was soon given back to the British.


English Harbour, Antigua

English Harbour is located on the south shore of the island, about four miles southeast of St. Phillips and just next door to Falmouth Harbour. English Harbour is home to two of the best marinas in the Caribbean, and there are a multitude of facilities ashore servicing just about every need, including local produce stands and fresh fish markets. English Harbour is deep, wide and easy to enter, which makes navigating the water a walk in the park.

Every now and then, it can be a bit challenging to find a quiet spot for mooring, considering it’s fame as one of the best anchorage locations in the Caribbean. However, Carlisle Bay is an oasis of calm and in easy reach of both Falmouth Harbour and English Harbour. It is also jaw-droppingly beautiful, the kind of place you think of while thinking about vacationing in the Caribbean. Anchoring is easy, and this is a great spot to go on that diving adventure. Take out your logbooks and see who can get eye to eye with as many colorful fish species as possible! What’s more, as this is such a quiet location, lounging around using the floaties is no burden either. Add a freshly whipped-up favorite cocktail, and your anchorage is as top-notch as you dreamed it would be! If you do like to go out for a bit, simply tender to Falmouth Harbour, where gourmet restaurants await.

English Harbour, Antigua Best anchorages in the Caribbean

Where to anchor in the British Virgin Islands?

Eustatia Sound, Virgin Gorda

If you really would like to lose the crowd at the classic North Sound anchorages in the British Virgin Islands, Eustatia is a hidden gem you can count on. Slip around the north end of Prickly Pear Island, and you may have the place largely to yourself. If spending some time at a quiet, white sandy beach while on luxury yacht charter in the Caribbean is on your bucket list, this serene bay has your name on it. Spend limitless time in the crystal-clear water and sit back and relax on deck, listening to the waves lapping against the yacht. Heaven!

Eustatia Sound, Virgin Gorda Best anchorages in the Caribbean

Key Bay – Peter Island

Peter Island in the British Virgin Islands boasts some of the best anchorages and beaches location in the region and definitely worth it to set mooring with your yacht. Located along the southwestern part of Peter Island, the key and its beautiful beach are perfect for a day of anchorage. Anchor between Rogers Point (western side) and Key Cay (eastern side). The snorkelling here is excellent, particularly over in Buttonwood Bay near the dock on the west shore. Keep your eyes peeled; you might spot whales. Humpback whales and their calves visit the Great Harbour every now and then!

Are you up for a hike with unmatched views and goats as your walking buddies? Nestled between Key Point and Key Cay on the western side of Peter Island, this hiking hotspot offers bountiful wildlife and a small but charming sandy beach. Follow the wild goat trails up the grassy hillside and prepare to be blown away by the natural beauty of the island. As you reach the top, you will be able to see right across the Drake Channel to Tortola, as well as to Norman Island in the south and to White Bay farther east.

Key Bay, Peter island Best anchorages in the Caribbean

Perfect days and magical evenings…. talk to the experts at Boatsters Black and discuss which anchorages should be part of your personalized itinerary in the Caribbean!



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