The Cannes Yachting Festival

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The Cannes Yachting Festival, Europe's top in-water boat show.

Since 1977, the Yachting Festival takes place every September in elegant, luxurious surroundings in the sparkling bay of Cannes.

As the first show in the boating season, the Yachting Festival is Europe’s leading in-water boating event. The major players in pleasure yachting come here to launch the show season by showcasing their new premiere.

The Cannes Yachting Festival hosts an eclectic offer of nearly 650 boats, from 5 to 50 metres, presented ashore for less than 10 metres and on-water beyond 10 metres. These boats are sailing or motor, monohull or multihull, rigid or semi-rigid hull.

Located on the two ports of Cannes, the Vieux Port and the Port Canto, the Cannes Yachting Festival welcomes you in an exceptional environment, from one end to the other of the famous Croisette.

Come and admire the most beautiful yachts and sailing boats on the sunny coast of the French Riviera. On the occasion of your visit, you may have the chance to take the helm of exceptional units during sea trials!

From toys and tenders to VIP opportunities, game-changing innovations, eco-friendly technologies and yacht-dotted harbours, the Cannes Yachting Festival is a must-see event. 


Cannes Yachting Festival background

Le Vieux Port, one of the oldest harbors on the French Riviera

Vieux Port, one of the oldest harbours on the French Riviera, each year welcomes prestigious exhibits and presented by the world’s largest shipyards. The image would be incomplete without the Lérins islands facing it. The port is bordered to the west by the boarding quay for the islands and to the east by the famous Albert-Edouard jetty along the Palais des Festivals, providing more than half a kilometer of quayside to accommodate all the large yachts.

Vieux Port is also the setting of the Luxury Gallery, an area dedicated to luxury and the art of living.

Entirely dedicated to those in the motor industry with more than 535 prestigious boats from five to 48 metres, the Vieux Port presents four areas:

Electric Boat Area, Motorised Multihull Area, Outboard and Inboard Engine Area, Seal Trial Area

Tips: Do you want to visit the Vieux Port?

Book now your table at the Panoramic Restaurant

The Panoramic Restaurant, located on the roof of the Palais des Festivals, is a bistronomic catering area that is open to all visitors and exhibitors. It offers a unique view of the prestigious yachts being exhibited in the Vieux Port, the famous Suquet old quarter and the bay of Cannes.



Cannes Yachting Festival Le Vieux Port

Port Canto is the setting of the sailing area

The Port Canto gathers the Sailing and Yacht Brokerage & Toys Areas, it also hosts a sector dedicated to innovation showcasing several start-ups.

The Sailing Area is entirely dedicated to sailing boats. Today it is the number 1 fleet in the world for tall ships, with more than 120 new boats ranging from 10 to 33 metres in length, both monohull and multihull, with up to 19 global launches. With over 400 linear metres of quayside for monohulls and over 450 metres for multihulls, the Sailing Area provides a unique exhibition and perspective in the world.

On land: sailing-related shipyards and equipment & services related to sailing.

The Yacht Brokerage & Toys area, accommodates the major French and international players in the market of second-hand yachts. About 30 previously owned boats in-water from 22 to 73 metres are available for sale or hire. You can meet the different crews ready to host you onboard, while discovering their boats while the brokers will be able to assist for any questions related to the superYacht universe.

Boatsters Black will be available to guide you in your first yacht ownership or to charter instead, trying out different models before choosing the one for you!


Porto Canto

Sanlorenzo SL120A for sale showcased at anchor during the Cannes Yachting Festival

This year, Boatsters Black, in partnership with Lenger Yachts, has a Sanlorenzo SL120 Asymmetric for sale showcased at anchor during the event. If you are interested in her, do not hesitate to make an appointment with us to visit her during the Cannes Yachting Festival.

The SL120 has a greater utilization of internal spaces and improved communication with outdoor zones. The Asymmetry concept at its highest expression, allows the expansion of the main salon, eliminating the starboard side deck and maximizing connection with the sea by creating an ample dining room on one side, with full-height glazing, and a living area on the other side that opens onto a balcony.

Cannes YAchting Festival SL120A for sale

Are you thinking of buying a yacht?

Charter before you buy…

Not sure yet which size yacht is right for you and your friends and family? Maybe charter a yacht with Boatsters Black before you buy, to find out what best suits your needs! With our unique and large yacht fleet and our extensive network, the experts at Boatsters Black will match your personal preferences with the yacht, service, crew and features that are a perfect fit for you! Oh, and did we mention the unforgettable memories you will create, visiting breathtaking destinations while on board? Let’s discuss this in the luxurious and elegant setting of the Bay of Cannes!

Cannes Yachting Festival Charter a yacht

Benefits of chartering out your own yacht

As a next generation luxury charter company, we can tell you all about the benefits of chartering out your own yacht. Putting up your yacht for charter is an excellent way to offset the costs of owning a yacht. It can also provide you with significant tax advantages. On top of that, yacht charters ensure that your yacht is kept in excellent condition, by regularly undergoing maintenance and being kept pristine before, during and after each charter. This extends the life of your yacht and the equipment onboard, while also solidifying the resale potential of your yacht. A luxury yacht in gentle regular use tends to fare better than yachts that are consistently kept docked. Give your yacht regular exercise by getting her out on the water. Keeping fuel lingering in tanks is unhealthy for yachts, neither does the yacht get enough air circulation when she is consistently sealed up in storage. Regular charter prevents the unpleasant gathering of mold or part malfunction. It is pleasing to know that your yacht will always be in top condition whenever you desire to use her.

The visibility of your yacht through charter will improve her appeal to prospective buyers in the future. This is very important in the event of a resale. Many yacht purchases are from buyers who had the opportunity to use the chartered yacht in the past and enjoyed the experience. On top of this all, regular practice will improve the performance of your crew. Chartering provides a great opportunity for your crew to improve their skills and you can expect an even higher standard of service from a more experienced team when you and your loved ones are on board.

Cannes Yachting Festival Charter Managment

Contact us to meet at the Cannes Yachting Festival

Interested in learning more about chartering out your yacht or going on a luxury yacht charter yourself? Please feel free to reach out if you would like to have a chat with one of our charter experts during your days in Cannes!

Our Featured Yachts



Motor yacht Heerlijckheid (meaning ‘Glory’), will make sure your days sailing around the Mediterranean will be just that – glorious. This Dutch pedigree gentlemen’s motor yacht, built by Moonen and delivered in 2010, has been built to the highest industry standards. Throughout the years updates have kept her in perfect condition.






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Embark on a sustainable yacht experience through Marseille, Monaco, or the captivating Italian coast down to Palermo, all while maintaining a clear conscience. Sanlorenzo's SD90, SAL, a 28-meter testament to sustainability and luxury, ensures that you can have an exceptional green yachting adventure, with a deep commitment to the environment.






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€ 83,000

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Set sail to new horizons with Orizzonte and create unforgettable memories in the unmatched setting the South of France and Italy have to offer.






Yacht length

€ 65,000

Week price starts from

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