Gone riding in Mallorca

Yeehaw! Do you dream of getting on a horse and riding out over the mountains or on pristine beaches of a Spanish island? Then Naturacavall on the island of Mallorca can make your dreams come true! This small, family run ranch will design your individual horseback riding experience and show you the most unspoiled corners of Mallorca.

Porto Cristo

While your yacht is docked or anchored in Porto Cristo, it is just a short drive to the stables near Manacor to start your adventure. Whether you are an early riser and would like to watch Mallorca wake up while riding or prefer to do an excursion in the afternoon, the team at the ranch will set you up with a private trip that is just right for you!



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One-of-a-kind horseback rides

In case you are docked elsewhere in Mallorca you can of course go horseback riding wherever suits you best at that moment too. Naturacavall offers one-of-a-kind horseback rides on the beaches of Mallorca also. You will be able to ride your horse in the water with the yacht that brought you to this phenomenal island as backdrop! Talk to your chief stewardess to help you set up your dream ride.

Naturacavall means natural horse, which describes the journey their team took on, bringing together horses from all walks of life, loving them, dedicating their time and energy to them. The team resets and retrains them to take part in a new phase of their life in which respect, adventure and freedom are top priorities.


The authentic paradise

It all started with the passion of Joan Ferrer for horses, which he passed on to his children Xavier and Joan Pere in their early childhood. Xavier sometimes jokes that he learned to ride horses before riding a bike. In 2019, the three Mallorcan cowboys decided to dedicate their lives completely to horses to share their passion with other riders from around the world, thus Naturacavall was born.

Unfortunately there are still remote farms on the island of Mallorca, where horses have an uncertain future, competition horses that no longer have sufficient performance, owners who can no longer keep them or simply those who do not adapt well to their environment and need a second chance. Naturacavall adopts these horses and gives them time and space to recover and adapt on their farm. They started with six horses and little by little the number of rescues has increased. The horses live together in vast fields and enjoy a free and well-cared for life.



Over time, the Naturacavall team has grown and yet maintains a family atmosphere. They are all about giving you an unforgettable day while feeling relaxed and comfortable with them and with the horses. So pony up and join these cowboys!

The drive to the stables by itself will get you even more excited, the rural landscape of Mallorca is beautiful and inspiring. Once you arrive at the stables, you will feel like you have entered a different world, a world of cowboys, a world you never expected to find on a Balearic island. Don’t forget to take pictures of the picturesque farm and the well maintained stables!

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It is departure time!

After getting to know the team you will be set up with the necessary riding equipment or put on your own and meet the horse that matches your experience and preference. Once you have mounted your horse you will have time to get to know him or her and do a couple of trial laps in the arena of the farm.

When everyone is good to go, it is departure time! While the guides will lead the way, you will get an even better look at the farm and all the other animals that roam around, like chickens, dogs and pigs. Before long, you will be on the trail through the hills and forest and it will surprise you how perfectly the horses manage with the different terrains.

Always carefully picking their way around rocks, walking purposefully on sand, and going confidently under low hanging branches filled with bright yellow pollen.

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Picnic time

The views from the hilltops are just breathtaking and the guides will make sure you will have ample time to take pictures of the valley and from each other along the way. For your lunch or early dinner break, you will stop and tie up the horses to trees and have a picnic of cheese sandwiches, oranges and local wine, all set up for you. How about some paella? An unforgettable experience with just you, your loved ones, the guides who are now your friends and your dear horses.

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Time to say goodbye

After your break you will make your way back to the stables through more amazing scenery while discovering historical sites in the mountains. During the entire trip, your guides will give you the option to gallop if the terrain is suitable and you feel up to it. Once back at the farm, Joan’s sons will treat you to a spectacular race, which will get you in the mood to head over to the outdoor bar to order a well-deserved local glass of wine or a nice cold beer.

On chilly afternoons, the fire will be on and while you are served some local delicacies and you are getting to know the friendly dogs, you realize this is a trip you will never forget. The team will bring the horses back to the stables, shower them off if needed and feed them and of course you are welcome to thank them and say goodbye to them before you head back to the yacht.

Photo Copyright: Mateu Pascual Fotografia

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Discover a world of cowboys

Horseback riding in Mallorca is one of the best ways to discover the natural beauty of the island. Get in the saddle and enjoy the most breath taking views while exploring the mountains. Ride on the incredible beaches of Mallorca where you can swim with your horse in the Mediterranean Sea. Your chief stewardess will make sure you will have the perfect experience and will welcome you back onboard to hear all your stories!

Photo Copyright: Naturacavall

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