Kornati National Park

Kornati, an archipelago just off the Dalmatian Coast, is often referred to as a nautical paradise. There is only one way to reach the 89 unforgettable islands, islets and reefs of this National Park and that is by boat.

Croatian archipelago

What better way to travel to this area than on a yacht! With just a few year-round residents, you will experience that remote desert island feel you always knew existed but never really encountered up until now. As there are no hotels on
the islands, being on a private yacht will give you the chance to ask the captain to drop the anchor and spend the night in one of the many bays and coves here. Those stars at night spark extra brightly just for you, while you dine on deck with your loved ones!



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kornati ivo biocina

The location

The archipelago is speckling the coast between Zadar and Šibenik and takes its name from the largest island of Kornat. The trail of islands offer a rugged landscape and breezy beaches with sparkling waters for you to explore. Some of the islands are eerily beautiful, desolate places, with a karst terrain full of caves, grottos, and cracks to explore, while others are home to vineyards, olive groves, and orchards that bring in a seasonal population of farmers
to tend to them.

What’s more, the long coastline of the island of Kornat creates a protected body of water for the yacht to sail in, allowing the captain to slalom through narrow channels between islands without heavy sea waves. The tranquil island waters have also created their own micro-climate underwater, as Adriatic marine life yields to rare species of algae, coral, and mollusks that makes for a unique swimming or snorkeling adventure.

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Spectacular views

If you are an avid hiker, a good trail to try is up to the top of the Metlina or Opat peaks on the main island of Kornat. The views over the entire archipelago from here are absolutely spectacular. The islands’ sparse terrain means there is very little shelter, so start early in the morning. Your chief stewardess will make sure to pack hats, water, snacks and sunscreen for you on your trip. Don’t forget to take little breaks frequently, you may want to rest every now and then while making your way up to the top and it will give you the chance to take some really amazing pictures.


On the islands of Mana and Klobučar you can skirt along dramatic cliffs that rise directly from the ocean, taking in sharp, rugged terrain that was formed millions of years ago. If you are especially into geology, two easy educational trails on the islands of Trtusa and Panitula will tell you all about the natural and human history of the region.

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Vidova Gora Trail Must Visit Hike in Croatia

Are you an animal lover?

There is plenty of wildlife to see in the Kornati archipelago, but a lot of it is hard to spot. Snakes, lizards, eagles, owls, buzzards, peregrine falcons and kestrels should be possible to spot for the trained eye, but the true attraction here is what goes on under the water. Here, brightly colored fish, moray eels, and crustaceans dart in and out of caves and grottos, among coral and sponges.

The crew will take care of you and set you up with the right gear for your under water adventures. You can strap on your goggles and a snorkel and view this wonderland from above as you float on the surface. Let the captain know if you are an experienced diver, so arrangements can be made to explore what is going on below the surface as well!

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scuba diving in kornati croatia

The pristine bays

Ready to soak up the sun and have fun in the water? The Kornati islands are known as an ideal swimming destination with their perfect sandy beaches in tranquil bays. The dramatic cliffs are just low enough to be safe to jump off of but also just high enough that you will look like a daredevil while you do it. Have someone of the crew take a video of your
exceptional jumping and diving skills! Thanks to the seclusion of the archipelago, you will never have to share your swimming spot with other people, giving you a unique, private experience. For the best swimming locations, talk to your captain about Telascica and Saharun as options, or the pristine bays on the island of Dugi Otok.

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sakarun bay croatia

Cultural heritage

If you are looking to throw a bit of cultural heritage in with your outdoor time, the islands are speckled with ruins, including the remains of the ancient city of Colentum, at the foot of Mount Gradine at the Northern tip of Murter. Active during the reigns of Nero and Vespasian, the city was most likely destroyed in an earthquake in the 2nd Century AD.

Today, it is an open-air archaeological park where you can wander, view signs with the ancient city’s layout, and check out coins and pottery found in this region. On Kornati, the Byzantine Fortress of Tureta leaves a bit more scope for the imagination, with its stone archway looking out to sea. A number of centuries-old churches are scattered across the
islands, a testament Kornati’s enduring legacy.

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Restoran Fešta

As the sun is setting it is time to think about your dinner plans. Of course you can be pampered by your chef onboard, but if you would like to dine at one of the few restaurants on the islands, the elegant Restoran Fešta will blow you away. Here, traditional Dalmatian food is presented in a modern way and paired with great wines. Your table with a view and the excellent service will make this a night to remember.

After dinner, enjoy one more cocktail onboard with your friends and family, reliving the perfect day, before you head to your beautiful cabin with a view of your beloved Kornati National Park.

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