Exploring the Caves of Drach

Sometimes, you just have to go underground for your next adventure! Even though you still will be surrounded by water while visiting the Caves of Drach, it will be a complete different feel than being in open water while relaxing on the yacht.

Porto Cristo

The Caves of Drach, located near Porto Cristo on the east coast of Mallorca, harbor one of the largest subterranean lakes in the world and are worthwhile your visit. A perfect escape on a sweltering day and a great excursion when the conditions are not allowing for the water toys to be out, your trip to these caves will have you in awe.

Just think about all the magical pictures you will be able to take to show your friends and family back home!It can get a bit crowded in these popular caves due to the limited indoor space, so make sure to talk to your chief stewardess and ask her to find out what the best time is to visit and to set you up with the most comfortable tour the facility has to offer.

Your captain will make sure you and your guests will get there on time, having the tender ready for you to get you
to shore, or docking in the inviting port of Porto Cristo.



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The Caves of Drach, are four stunning natural beauties called the Black Cave, the White Cave, the Cave of Luis Salvador and the Cave of the French. The caves have a horizontal extension of about 1,200 meters and a maximum depth of 25 meters below ground level. They are all interconnected and are an extremely important part of the heritage of Mallorca.

It was back in 1896 that the French speleologist Edouard-Alfred Martel ventured into the depths of the cave, observed how the rain slowly pooled in the hollows, seeping through walls, and creating small chambers full of magnificent stalactites and stalagmites. Martel is considered the founding father of speleology and was invited to explore the cave.

As soon as you arrive and go into the Baños Diana, you will notice the temperature, it is so much warmer here than you expected it to be! You will not be needing your coat, the average temperature is around 18°C all year-round. So just relax and enjoy your tour!

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Lake Martel

Did you know that a huge lake is hidden inside the Caves of Drach? This underground lake, Lake Martel, is over 115 meters long and is one of the biggest underground lakes on earth, with its depth varying between four and twelve meters. The lake is named after Martel.

While German cave explorer, M.F. Will, had mapped the White and Black cave in 1880, Martel found the other two caves, as well as the underground lake.

Photo Copyright: Cuevas Del Drach

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You will gradually discover that the caves are beautifully conserved and illuminated thanks to the Catalan engineer Carles Buïgas, known as the wizard of light. His play of light and shadow makes the caves hugely atmospheric. The illumination enhances the beauty of the caves; the location is ideal to experience a very special moment during a relaxing, and at the same time, exhilarating boat ride.

As the boat gently rocks, you will discover the depths of the cave and its waters. Waters that are slightly salty, and that rise and fall depending on the wind and the moon. You will be able to get an idea of how deep the water in the caves is, by studying the colors as they change. Green means a depth of around three meters, blue some eight meters, and white just one.

Photo Copyright: Wikimedia Commons

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Caves formation

The caves have formed by water being forced through the entrance from the Mediterranean Sea and some researchers think that the formation may date back to the Miocene Epoch, about 23 to 5 million years ago. Stalactites, the mineral formations hanging from the ceiling, take about one hundred years to grow one centimeter. Stalagmites are the rock formations rising from the floor, due to the accumulation of material deposited on the floor from ceiling

Usually, the stalagmites grow right under the stalactites and eventually the two will meet and connect, thus forming a column.

Ask your guide about the caves serving as a refuge in ancient times! The local population used the caves to hide during pirate attacks.

Photo Copyright: Abc Mallorca

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Live classical music concert

Towards the end of the tour you will be surprised by a live classical music concert. Four musicians on a boat will be performing for you while at the lake, with the illuminated canopy of the caves as a backdrop. The sheer beauty of this will take your breath away! A quartet of cellos, harpsichord and two violins will play classics like Pachelbel’s Canon, Caballero, Martini, Chopin and Offenbach. These live shows started back in 1935 and are a once in a lifetime experience!

Photo Copyright: Cuevas Del Drach

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Legends behind the name

The name Porto Cristo is said to derive from ‘The Port of Christ’. There are a few myths or legends behind the name, one states that back in 1260 AD, during the Christian invasion of Mallorca, there was one small fishing boat found ashore with a Crucifix inside. Another legend has it that an ox carrying an icon of God came trotting through town.

Once it arrived it stopped and refused to move. The locals saw this as a sign that this was a place that Christ wanted to be, and the name Porto Cristo was born. The turquoise water and the lovely beach might beckon you and if you would like to spend some time here, let the chief stewardess know, so she can set up a beach picnic for you!

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