Yacht Charter in Croatia

This spectacular country may well be Europe’s hidden gem, but its star is rising fast. And no wonder…everyone who has ever been lucky enough to charter a yacht in Croatia talks highly of the country and about falling in love at first sight. And who would blame them? Croatia is the ultimate yachting temptation and a charter experience in these magnificent waters is an affair you will never, ever, forget.

Why charter a luxury yacht in Croatia?

Croatia is a land of jaw-dropping islands, crystalline seas, rolling hills, jagged peaks and historical architecture. This is arguably Europe’s most enticing yachting destination, especially for first-time charterers. Short sailing distances, inviting and sheltered waters and an impressive array of itinerary options make Croatia yacht charters not just effortless, but also extremely enjoyable. The sheer concentration of natural, cultural and historical highlights means everyone finds something here to tickle their fancy. Culture vultures, snorkelers, beach-bums, dedicated sailors, foodies and even Game of Thrones fans: no matter who you are or what you like, you’re guaranteed to find your own slice of yachting heaven in Croatia.

Top locations during your luxury yacht charter in Croatia

Luxury Croatian yacht charters serve up incredible highlights every single day. You will no doubt be including the most famous seaside treasures to your private yacht charter itinerary, but you might consider adding one or more of these lesser-known gems also!

Yacht charter in Dubrovnik

As one of the last remaining walled towns in the world, a walk through Dubrovnik is a walk through time. With its dramatic terracotta rooftops and stunning views of the Adriatic Sea, it is easy to see why you can fall in love with the Pearl of the Adriatic after spending even one day in this breathtaking city. Not only is the city’s Old Town one of the most picturesque places in the whole world, but Dubrovnik is also home to beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters and ...

Yacht charter in Split

Vibrant Split, stunningly located between mountains and island speckled sea, is home to a perfect fusion of modern and medieval. Whether you are visiting the remains of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Diocletian’s Palace, the atmospheric old town, filled with small bars and great restaurants, or party the night away at one of the most famous music festivals in Europe, there is something to please everyone along the cobbled streets of this fascinating city. The beach t...

Yacht charter in Trogir

Trogir, a charming town on the Croatian coast and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, boasts beautiful monuments, numerous picturesque corners and outstanding fine dining options. On top of that, the town is home to one of the best beach clubs in Croatia. Effortlessly cool, the Brown Beach House occupies a former twentieth century tobacco warehouse. The building's original details, such as the structure's elegantly curved beams, have been combined with hip, contemporary furnis...

Yacht charter in Zadar

Zadar is one of the most significant cities in Croatia, boasting medieval buildings, contemporary monuments and breathtaking views. It has the smoothest blend of ancient and modern, which makes a visit to this town in the land of the thousand islands a unique experience. Located on a small peninsula, Zadar is an interesting mix of trendy bars, good museums and innovative art installations. It is also home to the remarkable piece of urban architecture that is also a music...

Yachts for charter in Croatia

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Best time to charter a yacht in Croatia

With perfect weather almost year-round, Croatia takes advantage of its southern location to offer a much longer yacht charter season than its more northern neighbors in Europe.

September, October and even November journeys make for great charter experiences, although there’s no denying that July and August are the very best months, climate-wise, to meander the coastal waters and the many islands by yacht. The height of the European summer sees an uptick of visitors, so what better way to avoid the crowds than heading over to the hidden coves and beaches on your own yacht.

The temperature of the Adriatic Sea during winter is still reasonable and on land levels out at about 13C, with an average of 8 hours of sunshine per day in the month of March.

The Croatian yachting season kicks off in May when the rest of Europe is still dealing with chilly days. At the Dalmatian coast, however, crystal clear skies and balmy days make for excellent sailing.

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About Croatia

With over 1100 islands, the country of Croatia can also be called the Caribbean of the Mediterranean. During your yacht charter holiday, you will be able to explore the stunning archipelagos and the breathtaking Dalmatian coast. It is hard not to fall in love with Croatia as soon as you arrive.

This spectacular country may well be Europe’s hidden gem and its star is rising fast. And no wonder...everyone who has ever been lucky enough to charter a yacht in Croatia cannot wait to come back. And who can blame them? Croatia is the ultimate yachting temptation and a charter experience in its magnificent waters is a visit you will never, ever, forget.

History of Croatia

Croatia bridges the central European and Mediterranean worlds and its history has been marked by its position as a borderland. The strategic and impressive coastline has always made the country highly coveted. Several empires have ruled over this territory – from the ancient Illyrians to the Romans, Venetians and even the Austrians – each one leaving its indelible marks on the architecture, culture, history and cuisine.

Gastronomy of Croatia

Croatian gastronomy is a unique gem in the world of cuisine and an essential ingredient in discovering the culture of the region. The creative energy and talent presented in the dishes served in Croatia today are truly outstanding. From authentic local food to fine dining – the scene is vibrant and exciting! Known for producing some of the best artisanal olive oils, wines, cheeses, honey and jams in Europe, Croatia offers delicious experiences at every turn. The seafoo...

National Parks in Croatia

Croatia holds mesmerizing surprises for yacht charter guests, and the country’s abundance of extraordinary national parks will make you want to visit them all. Plitvice might be the crown- jewel of national parks in Croatia and was the first reserve that was assigned protective status.

Best anchorages in Croatia

Those picture perfect sandy white beaches you see in movies and magazines? That relaxing sound of water lapping against the boat? You can experience both in Croatia and finding a good anchorage in an inlet.

The unique benefits of a private yacht charter in Croatia

Private luxury yacht cruising has always been a fantastic choice for Croatian vacations and its popularity will only expand. Offering freedom, privacy and independence, private yacht charters will also give you a time to connect. Aboard a yacht, time passes more slowly. It's a chance to get back to nature and enjoy life's simple pleasures—like a dolphin swimming by or a spectacular sunset. Most importantly, you spend quality time with those closest to you, in one of the most sought-after destinations around the globe.

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Frequently asked questions about a yacht charter in Croatia

What does the charter contract look like?

The majority of the industry works with standardised contracts which have been created and refined by a consortium of industry professionals called MYBA. The charter contract outlines all the variables of a specific charter, such as the yacht, price, dates and location, as well as all the terms and conditions which cover all eventualities and the relationship between the various parties to the agreement.

In addition to the charter rate, which is the cost of renting the yacht, its equipment and its crew, there are extra costs which will be charged on top. These typically include any tax due on the charter (see VAT section above) and the APA which covers everything you will consume during your charter. On a case by case basis there may be delivery fees if you prefer to book the yacht in a location different to its base. Finally, some yachts require security deposits when hosting events.

All yachts have a limitation as to the number of guests which can be accommodated on board. This relates to the rules and regulations for the safety of passengers and is determined for each yacht based on the number of berths (individual sleeping places) and safety equipment. The maximum number of guests on board is usually 12, which is dictated by the general rules for commercial vessels, although some larger yachts can accommodate up to 36 guests if they are classified as passenger ships.

The process of booking a yacht can be quite complex, between finding the right yacht from the thousands available on the market, negotiating the best rates, the contract, working out the itinerary, the most efficient tax structure and many more. Our charter agents are here to take care of all the details so that you can focus on the fun part of the trip: relaxing on board and enjoying the sea and the area you are cruising!

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