6 Main Misconceptions About Yacht Charter

There are many misconceptions about yacht charter. Let’s go through why chartering a yacht is not as complicated as it looks.

Six main misconceptions

It is human nature to limit ourselves. Most of the misconceptions about yacht charter only serve to lend credence to this fact. A yacht charter is the only way to fully experience the hidden treasures laden in our planet with you in absolute control. Sadly, the many misconceptions about yacht chartering have prevented many from proceeding on an adventure of a lifetime. Here are the six main misconceptions about yacht charter we often encounter.



1. Yacht Charters Are Only For The Rich And Influential

Probably due to the promotional materials shared by yacht charter companies, many assume that all-inclusive yacht charters are only for the rich and influential. Do not let the promotional images of sophistication and fancy clothing fool you. Luxury yacht charters are not within the exclusive purview of celebrities and superstars.  

Although some luxury charters can cost as high as six figures weekly, such price tags are at the premium tier of the yacht charter business. In other words, they are anomalies. You can rent a yacht for as low as $20,000 for a week. 

The fun part is that there are many ways to spend far less than the average cost on any yacht of your dreams. One of them is to split the bill amongst your fellow passengers. Most charters have a maximum capacity of 12 passengers. If you had to split the bill 12 ways, you would be spending roughly less than $2,000 per week on average. This puts you in a position to enjoy the luxury of a yacht charter at a pocket-friendly rate. 

Another way to enjoy your yacht charter more effectively is to book during the off-season or somewhere off the usual path. Also, recognize that your yacht charter broker can help negotiate a more affordable rate on your behalf, subject to availability.

2. Getting To The Location Of Charter Yachts Is A Nightmare

One broadly shared misconception is that getting to yacht charters can be a nightmare. Everyone wants to hop off a plane and into a sunny beach without making tricky transfers to the remotest parts of the world. 

The truth is that yacht charters are just as accessible as getting to any land-based accommodation from the airport. Your yacht charter broker will always have transportation to your yacht arranged for you. Whether it is a water taxi zipping you from Nassau to the Exumas or a car waiting to transport you from Santorini to your vessel, there is always a solution. No one wants their visitors exhausted and cranky upon arrival.

3. Menus & Itineraries with Strict Restrictions

Contrary to popular opinion, menus and itineraries are not strictly regulated in yacht charters. Chartering a yacht is distinct from a standard package vacation. You do not sit at a full buffet at predetermined hours in a soulless dining hall. 


Menus on all-inclusive yacht charters serve as mere suggestions comprising of dishes that your chef enjoys making. You have absolute control of your entire charter experience, from your preferred menu to your favorite beverage. Inform your yacht charter broker in advance about your nutritional habits when making a booking.

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4. Yacht Charters Are Boring

There is childlike excitement that sailing imbues. This joy stems from the sense of unbridled freedom to explore nature and be yourself. Although you are often surrounded by miles of tranquil water teeming with life, yacht charters are never dull. 

Charter yachts are at-heart floating playgrounds. You can wake up when you wish. Breakfast awaits you in the cockpit, perfected to your taste. Then you can execute your itinerary with your captain, choosing which spot to visit on your vacation adventure. If you are on a sailing yacht and have some experience, you can choose to help hoist the sails, take the helm, or do the navigation. You could also learn from the captain if you desire. 

You can hop on your favorite islands, explore the city, snorkel, or dive exciting coves, and spend time with marine life. Irrespective of your plans for the day, there is assurance that you have the perfect refuge, away from the bustle of life, under the beautiful ocean sky, and above the serene water, with stunning views that money can’t buy.

5. Not Suitable For A Family

It is understandable if the thought of having children on board a boat makes you feel uneasy. However, that charter yachts are built to the highest safety standards. Brokers follow a strict maintenance regimen always to keep the boat in excellent condition. Some vessels go further to install safety nets and child gates to keep children safe. 

There are often plenty of activities and games to keep your kids entertained. Some charter crews also go out of their way to welcome families on board, earning recognition for being exceptionally kid-friendly.

6. It Is Better To Book Directly

The truth is that using a yacht charter broker saves you time, money, and convenience compared to booking directly from the owner. Boat brokers have a strong relationship with captains, yacht owners and yachts, thanks to their long-standing presence in the industry. 

Yacht brokers can help you find the best deals from various options and ensure that the vessel meets safety and licensing requirements. They take on a more significant role when booking a foreign trip where you may not understand the language or the local regulations. 

They also help you handle all the necessary tasks to ensure that your time spent onboard is a memorable experience. Brokers earn their fees from each charter from the yacht owners as commissions and not from you.

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How Can Boatsters Help You Charter A Yacht?

At Boatsters, we provide a personalized service that meets the individual needs of our clientele. We take pride in creating custom-tailored adventures and experiences, leveraging our vast network to ensure that our client’s expectations are constantly met. 

Our team of seasoned professionals will guide you every step of the way, taking care of your booking, entertainment, itinerary, and any other service you may require. With Boatsters, all you need to do is pack your suitcase and join the crew onboard. Leave the rest to us.

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