Hidden bays in Croatia only accessible on yacht charters

On every yacht charter itinerary in Croatia, you’ll have a fantastical array of ‘hidden secrets’ to explore.

Private escape

The array of spectacular, remote and uncrowded bays along the coast and around the 1200-odd Dalmatian Islands is the primary reason private yacht charters are so popular in Croatia. Although this most glorious side of the Adriatic offers plenty of historic seaside towns, fabulous beach clubs and quaint fishing villages, most charter guests simply crave to get away from it all and unplug from the rest of the world.




The largest of the Elaphiti Islands, just a few nm from Dubrovnik, Šipan is one of the best places to seek hidden remote and seemingly inaccessible bays. Charter guests love the proximity to Dubrovnik (perhaps the most popular start/end port for Croatian yacht charters) because it means they can frolic, snorkel and kayak on an idyllic private bay right up until the end of their charter. Or mere moments after they cast off on their charter.


Šipan’s coast is framed by an abundance of private bays, all lapped by turquoise seas and sheltered from winds. This is a gorgeous island to discover, its quaint and sleepy main town also worthy of a quick visit. Šipan feels like the Croatia of 30 years ago. On a remote and uncrowded bay, even a millennium ago.

Vela Palagruža

If you were to pluck out an idyllic and isolated islet from the pages of a fairytale book, it would look like Palagruža. This mirage-like islet floats all on its lonesome in the heart of the Adriatic, about as far from the Croatian mainland as you could get. A small lighthouse appears in the distance, the crystalline seas getting brighter and greener the closer you get. 

Palagruža is a vision of absolute splendor: it is one of the least visited yet most breathtaking of all the Croatian islands. The many shallow hidden bays, clearer, cleaner and inhabited by more sea life than any of the others, are like sparkling jewels. 

Vela Palagruža

You need time to reach Palagruža on your Croatia yacht charter yet let us assure you: the journey, and time spent exploring her secret nooks, are about as rewarding as any yachting experience could ever get, anywhere.

Stiniva Cove, Vis Island

Vis may be world famous and is certainly visited aplenty in summer. Yet Stiniva, a spellbinding cove on Vis that’s sheltered by high cliffs and only accessible by private yacht, is as off-the-beaten trail as they come. 

Coveted by Instagrammers and discerning sailors alike, Stiniva is absurdly beautiful: craggy cliffs shelter the half-moon shaped beach on three sides, the emerald shallows easy to miss by unsuspecting boaters. 

Stiniva Cove

This Vis delight often graces the covers of Croatian travel and yachting magazines and several publications have named it the most beautiful beach in all of Europe in recent years. Stiniva’s popularity has been attracting ever-growing crowds, yet an early morning visit (something you can only do on private yacht charters) means you can have this sensational beauty all to yourself.

Lastovo Archipelago

Amazingly, foreigners have only been allowed to visit the remote islands of Lastovo in the last four decades. This isolated speck of gorgeousness, with its 50-odd islands, still showcases a natural, and authentic, Croatian charm.


You’ll find hidden bays only accessible by private yacht at every turn around Lastovo. The western coast, in particular, offers a bevy of sheltered bays ideal for a spot of snorkeling, kayaking and swimming.

Kornati Archipelago

Yet another remote, desolate and staggering archipelago hiding a near-infinite cache of private bays, the Kornati islands are an astonishing discovery by private yacht. The islands here are lush, in stark contrast with the dramatic rocky isles closer to the mainland. 

Protected for posterity decades ago, the Kornati islands are where Croatia’s wilderness reigns supreme.


On land, the main inhabitants are birds, both endemic and migratory, and countless species of extraordinary butterflies. In the transparent seas framing all the islands, you can snorkel with loggerhead turtles and dolphins. For lovers of solitude and captivating nature, the hidden bays of Kornati are unmissable.

“In Croatia, you really need not sail far to find your own private slice of paradise. ”

Boatsters Black team

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The beauty of Croatia attracts many yacht owners as well as the yachting enthusiast, therefore it makes Croatia one of the best places offering such a wide range of yachts. 



Following an extremely successful inaugural season last year, Noor II is ready to welcome guests in the beautiful waters of Croatia during the coming summer. Her ingeniously thought-out lines bear the stamp of innovation and will undoubtedly attract gazes of admiration wherever she goes.


Designed by the world famous Frank Mulder, one Blue is synonymous with sleek lines and performance. One Blue’s sun deck is a social spot, complete with jacuzzi and a lounging area designed to enjoy a light lunch or evening cocktails.

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