Discover the red rocks and cliffs of Les Calanques de Piana in Corsica

Some destinations are just so special, they are best experienced visited by water. Like those steep, imposing rock formations, set in the most beautiful blue waters. Did you know you can find those in Europe?. If Corsica is one of the fascinating locations on your itinerary, do not forget to add this exceptional UNESCO World Heritage site on your bucket list during your next yacht charter in the South of France. At the Calanques natural park in Piana, you and your loved ones will be able to marvel in the stunningly shaped red rock cliffs plunging into translucent water.

Les Calanques de Piana

The Calanques de Piana are south of the village of  Piana  in the west of Corsica and are one of the most impressive scenic highlights on the island and maybe even anywhere in France. Extending over several kilometers, the calanches (calanques in French) are a series of red rocks and cliffs that plunge down for 300 meters into the Mediterranean below. The national park can be explored by foot and even by car, but what better way to first make your way around this area than on your own yacht!



It's time to start the journey!

The best time to visit the calanches is during the afternoon. The red rocks and cliffs are offering even more intense  colors during that time and the sight is absolutely breathtaking. Your chief stewardess will help you set up the perfect time to arrive at the park and you and your friends and family will be making your way over there by water while enjoying a lazy and delicious lunch on deck. Even before your reach the calanches, you will be stunned by the beautiful views across the Gulf of Porto.

Slowly making your way to the park, you will sail along the coast near Ficajola beach and Capo Rosso. Capo Rosso is home to the highest Genoese tower and the captain will make sure you will have an excellent view of it. When you make your way around the cape of Capo Rosso, the Calanques de Piana will become visible.

Capo Rosso

The sight is absolutely breathtaking

The sublime pink and red volcanic cliffs and rocks are paired with incredible turquoise waters and will leave you all absolutely speechless. Words don’t do justice to the pink and red colors that change in intensity and to the shapes of the cliffs and rocks, met by the azure sea. You will probably ask your captain to sail around the rock formations multiple times to take just a couple of more pictures. Maybe you even consider dropping the anchor here and enjoy a cocktail on deck with the calanches as backdrop. You can also opt to take the kayaks out and paddle over to the rocks for a closer look. What a unique experience!

Calanches de Piana Corsica

It´s time to discover the many beautiful panoramas

Hopefully you have saved some time to visit the park on foot as well, as visiting the park on land gives you the perfect opportunity to discover the many beautiful panoramas of the sea and cliffs the park has to offer. There are several marked trails through the Calanques de Piana. The most popular is the trail called the Chateau Fort that starts next to the rock called the Tete de Chien, which literally means head of a dog.

Unlike many rock formations that are given animal names, this one really does look exactly like the head of a dog, so it is only fair to have your picture taken with it. From here a path leads through the rocks and forest before reaching a stunning viewpoint across the cliffs and sea, and a large rock in the shape of a castle.

This round trip takes a little more than an hour to complete and the sights are absolutely worth it. Although it is quite an easy walk, there are short stretches that are steeper and a bit slippery so you will be thankful your chief stewardess recommended you to wear your hiking shoes! Luckily there is a charming café where you can have a chilled drink to your liking with one of the best views in the world before you make your way back to the yacht to get ready for dinner in town.

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Don't forget to visit one of their best restaurants - Le Casabianca

Now that you have fallen in love with Piana’s natural park, it only makes sense to visit one of their best restaurants as well. Le Casabianca will remind you of today’s unforgettable views with its similar unique location, cradled by the waves of the Arone Bay. You will feel right at home at this secluded place where you will be warmly welcomed by the friendly staff.

First, have a drink at the secluded beach, located at the cove of the Arone Bay, where it will be just you, your loved ones, the sound of the sea and the mineral scents of the rocks and sea air. Once you are ready for dinner, make your way over to your table, set in a chic, yet wild atmosphere. Of course your table will have a splendid view of the sea and when you bring out a toast with a nice glass of rosé you will agree, this is just heaven! The chef of dLe Casabianca only uses fresh ingredients and his seafood dishes, prepared by daily sourced and local fish, are out of this world. Of course meat lovers are not forgotten and if you are in the mood for pizza, cooked over a wood fire, you will not be disappointed either. Over dessert you will agree, the Calanques de Piana are clearly among Corsica´s most beautiful places to visit.

Photo Copyright: Le Casabianca

Screenshot 2022 02 02 at 10.19.30

The Calanques de Piana are clearly among Corsica´s most beautiful places to visit

To be able to do this on your own yacht and create memories that will last a lifetime is such a mystical experience. It’s a good thing you asked the captain for that extra time to take pictures of those pink and red rocks you discovered in the South of France today, you will treasure them forever!


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