The Best Restaurants In The Bahamas

In search of delightful cuisines in the Bahamas? Let us save you time as we explore some of the Best Restaurants in the Bahamas.

Medley of cultures, histories, and cuisine

The Bahamas is a medley of cultures, histories, and of course, cuisine. A true Caribbean Island, the main dishes are seafood-based, usually accompanied by various herbs and spices from West Africa, the Americas, and beyond. Expect to be served seafood like crustaceans, lobsters, conch, fish, crabs, and shellfish fresh from the ocean daily. 

Dining options range from posh resort restaurants to rustic beach shacks dishing up conch salad and fritters, nachos, and burgers. Here is a list of some of the best restaurants in the Bahamas. You can skip to the restaurant you are curious about or read the entire list to get ideas of where to go for specific cravings. 



Athena Café & Bar – Home of Authentic Greek and Bahamian Food

The most delectable Mediterranean and Greek cuisine with a tint of the Bahamas is the Athena Café and Bar. Located in Downtown Nassau, this cozy bar is ideal for dining with friends and family. The menu is equally mouth-watering. To start your day, you can get some omelets mixed with feta, spinach, olives, and onions.

Athena Café and Bar

If you are stopping by for lunch, then the seafood is simply yum. Visitors are furnished with a taste of deep-fried or grilled dishes with fine herbs and lemon. Excellent meals to eat at the restaurant include marinated hand-carved kebab-style meat and Gyros.The Gyros are a specialty, and you can choose from lamb, chicken, pork, falafel, and more. They also have Athenian grouper, snapper, and well-thought-out snacks.

1648 An Island Restaurant – The Best American & Caribbean Cuisine

Perching beautifully in front of the Governor’s Harbour and within walking distance of the French Leave Resort is the epitome of fine dining. 1648 An Island Restaurant offers diners a dazzling mix of dishes from the Americas, Caribbean, and local Bahamian food. The restaurant’s gorgeous indoor and outdoor seating creates a tranquil feel, especially at sunset.

1648 An Island Restaurant

It is the perfect spot for a romantic dinner or a meal with family and friends. If you are a seafood lover, then this spot is for you. This restaurant serves freshly caught Bahamian seafood that is locally grown and sourced. Seek out delicious choices like the blackened mahi-mahi. You may also try the lobster bisque served in a roux instead of a cream base. The conch chowder is also great. This meal is a combo comprising conch meat, red pepper, garlic, potatoes, tomato base, and other spices.

Santanna's Bar And Grill – Exuma's Finest Local Dishes

A tour or visit of the Exuma cays is rarely complete without a stopover at this Bahamian paradise located in the heart of William’s Town, Great Exuma. Santanna’s Bar and Grill are an authentic Caribbean restaurant for seafood lovers looking for great food and picturesque moments.

Santanna's Bar and Grill

Specialty dishes include lightly seasoned and deep-fried lobsters combined with almost-candied onions. You may also choose to try the Bahamian peas and rice paired with salted pork or bacon and veggies. The crack conch is stellar! And if you are lucky, you might just see some lemon sharks swimming by.

Café Matisse: Italian Cuisine With A Bahamian Touch

Within Bank Lane, an upscale neighborhood in downtown Nassau hosts the Café Matisse – a long-time favorite of European expats. It offers refined Italian cuisine with a Bahamian touch. ‘Refined’ here means that the gnocchi might be made from tropical cassava rather than potato. Also, the tagliatelle may be partnered with morsels of locally caught hogfish. 

Café Matisse offers you casual gourmet dining. This Henri Matisse-inspired café attempts infallibly at mirroring the painter’s whimsical yet elegant style. Everything exudes sophistication, from the artwork hanging on the walls to the restaurant’s menu. If you are on a tour of the Bahamas or just looking for a place for dinner, the Café Matisse is a choice location for an exquisite dining experience.

Café Matisse

Once there, ensure you try their unique al dente linguine or the lamb shank, which is so tender it falls off the bone. Their octopus starter and local hogfish are also delicious. The café's ambiance, excellent service, and great food will make you want to revisit it whenever you're in Nassau.

Tropic Breeze Beach Bar & Grill: Amazing Outdoor Restaurant

The Tropic Breeze Beach Bar & Grill is easily one of the best places to have lunch in Georgetown, Great Exuma. Their Bahamian seafood meals possess a unique Caribbean twist. 

Tropic Breeze Beach Bar

Menus consist of grilled, poached, or fried seafood dishes such as shrimps, lobster bites, and grouper fingers. Guests can also assuage cravings for juicy and flavourful meat with cheeseburgers, Caribbean jerk wings, or orange chicken. The Tropic Breeze Beach Bar & Grill is the best place for friends or families with kids.

Senor Frog's Freeport – Best Mexican Restaurant In The Bahamas

In Freeport Harbour, Grand Bahama Island is Senor Frog’s Freeport. It is a lively little bar bustling with fun activities, amazing food, and great drinks. Senor Frog’s Freeport is the place for singles looking for a great place to eat and drink.

Senor Frog's Freeport

Try out their Tex-Mex tacos stuffed with beef, cheddar cheese, and sour cream. Alternatively, their chicken fingers with buffalo or honey mustard sauce make great combos. They also serve nachos and homemade salsa. You may even get some free shots if you join the conga line.

Cappucino's Fine Italian Restaurant: Free Port's Hidden Gem

Last but not least on our list is a hidden gem tucked away in the busy Lucaya Marketplace, Free Port. Her name is Cappucino’s Fine Italian Restaurant. As the name implies, this cozy little diner serves great Italian dishes. The ambiance is pleasant, and it is a quiet spot for dining solo for those who seek. Our recommended choices are their collection of well-cooked pasta and sauces. White anchovies with broccoli and shaved Parmesan will get you started in the morning. The lasagna, grilled mahi-mahi, and shellfish are great options for lunch or dinner. 

Cappucino's Fine Italian Restaurant

Our recommended choices are their collection of well-cooked pasta and sauces. White anchovies with broccoli and shaved Parmesan will get you started in the morning. The lasagna, grilled mahi-mahi, and shellfish are great options for lunch or dinner.

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The Bahamian has grown into a hub for diverse cuisines from across the globe. All have come to imbibe a touch of Bahamian flavor. There are choices for all, from pricey exotic settings to scruffy beach shacks stretching from Nassau to Harbour Islands. You can make your tour of Bahamian cuisine an unforgettable experience by booking a luxury yacht. Tour the best of cuisines and enjoy the rich Caribbean nightlife in comfort. You deserve the best.

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