The Ultimate Bahamas Experience: Welcome to Exumas!

Are you planning a trip to the Exumas? Read on! Let us show you how to get the ultimate Bahamas experience touring the Exumas.

Tour The Beautiful Nature and Scenery Of The Exumas

There is a distinct feeling being on the pink sand Exumas beach overlooking the tranquil turquoise waters brings. Kenny Chesney aptly captured this feeling when he sang, “no boss, no clock, no stress, no dress code.” It is the feeling of freedom. 

The Exumas is the embodiment of all that there is to love about the Bahamas. This collection of 365 islands serves as a fusion of food, nature, and exotic scenery. The inexhaustible sights and activities make it easy to get lost in the thrill of it all without scratching the surface. This guide to the ultimate Bahamas experience takes you through all you can do in the closest real-world depiction of Virgil’s Elysium. 



Snorkel in Thunderball Grotto

West of Staniel Clay is a fantastic underwater cave system that teems with exotic aquatic life. Thunderball Grotto is a habitat for brilliantly colored coral reefs and fish, including the Sergeant Majors, Angel Fish, and Yellow-Tail Snappers. This location is ideal for diving, wading, and snorkeling.

Swim with Nurse Sharks at Compass Cay Marina

Nurse sharks are slow-moving bottom-dwellers that are majorly harmless to humans. These sharks, which can grow up to 14 feet in length, have incredibly strong jaws. Years of interaction with humans have made these sharks so acclimatized to humans that they are considered pets by the Compass Cay Marina owners.

Feed the Swimming Pigs

You will be greeted by boorish, loud, snorting pigs paddling towards their guests at Major Cay. No one knows for certain how they got to the islands. However, these ordinarily foraging animals have become almost entirely dependent on the food they receive from visitors. The best food for the swimming pigs includes watermelons, carrots, grapes, apples, and lettuce.

forest simon Y29aT6e5SWo unsplash

Spend Time with Iguanas at Allen's Cay

The Northern Bahamian Rock Iguanas, also known as the Allen Cay or Exuma Iguanas, can only be found in three cays in the world. These are Southern Allen's Cay, Allen's Cay, and Leaf Cay. The iguanas, which can amass as much as 24 pounds, can live up to 40 years. These bold creatures often have no trouble climbing arms and body parts and can jump quite high. There is no perfect time to see the iguanas. If the sun is out, they'll be there, waiting to be fed by friendly tourists.

jakob owens MPU7 mQB AY unsplash

Visit Tropics of Cancer Beach

Despite the popularity of this beach, it is often isolated. Rarely is it ever crowded. Considering the lush white sand that empties into the bright blue waters ahead, this is amazing. The Tropics of Cancer Beach is arguably one of the best beaches in the Exumas.

Little Exuma

Visit the Sunken Plane Wreck

Close to Staniel Cay is one of the most accessible underwater plane wrecks in the world. This dive site is only just 6 feet underwater. Despite the shallow nature of the wreck, it has not prevented the abundance of marine vegetation and life that have flooded the location. The plane also houses Nurse Sharks, who enjoy a nap under its wings.

milos prelevic 0lCw kqmb7w unsplash

Plunge into Dean's Blue Hole (Deepest Blue Hole In The World)

Dean's Blue Hole, the second deepest blue hole in the world and the deepest saltwater blue hole, is an astonishing 663ft deep. It is filled with crystalline clear water that is visible for up to 30 meters. Snorkeling or diving will present you with an opportunity to experience this natural habitat for tarpons, turtle seahorses, and other kaleidoscopic marine life in all its glory. This hole plays host to the William Trubridge annual freediving competition.


Island hopping for food and drink

Expect to be served seafood like crustaceans, lobsters, conch, fish, crabs, and shellfish fresh from the ocean daily.

Catch A Fire Restaurant (watch sunset from the patio)

The Catch A Fire Restaurant is one of the best locations in the Exumas for a fine blend of colorful cocktails, flavored food, music, dance, and a beautiful sunset. If you can secure a prime patio seat, this location is one of the best to watch the Exumas sunset in all its glory.

Eat Sunday Pig Roast and Drink A Goombay Smash at Chat n' Chill

There is hardly a restaurant in the Exuma that does not offer the exceptionally delicious rum-infused Goombay Smash. Although this drink is available in other parts of the world, getting it from where it originated is a sensual experience. One of the best places to drink a goombay smash is at the Chat n' Chill restaurant. Coincidentally they serve unarguably the best Sunday Pig Roast. This is smoked pig served in Bahamian style with multiple side dishes.

Eat Conch

Like calamari, conch is firm meat that can be eaten raw with onions in true Bahaman style. This sea snail is a local delicacy that is served with sweet peppers and citrus juices. Those who cannot stomach the thought of raw snails sliding down their throat can enjoy them fried and buttered or curried.

Eat Bahamian Rock Lobster at the Santana

At the Santana, the second most popular eatery on the Exumas – the spicy and spiny Bahamian lobster is a specialty. This crunchy seafood comes with numerous side dishes and is a filling experience.

Visit The Exumas In Style

If you are visiting the Exumas with your loved ones, the best way to have the ultimate Bahamas experience is on a luxury yacht. Turn cumbersome trips to mere stopovers with family and friends as you bask in the thrill of Caribbean scenery, nightlife, and culture. Boatsters luxury yachts are the gateway to a truly fulfilling Bahamian experience. Experience true freedom for as long as you wish—no boss, no clock, no stress, and no dress code. The Bahamas welcomes you.

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