Yachting in the Bahamas

The top-of-mind Caribbean destination for sailing enthusiasts and leisure travelers - the Bahamas.

Paradise on Earth

The Bahamas archipelago offers 700 idyllic islands, endless stretches of powdery beaches, serene turquoise waters, scenic harbors, and an array of chic shops, resorts, and restaurants.

Known as the playground of the rich and famous, the country provides an enchanting blend of remote, private feel and a vibrant holiday experience. Its diverse offerings are equal parts pause and play. Feel free to choose according to your fancy.



Sail Away

Located within the Lucayan Archipelago in the North Atlantic near Cuba and Florida, The Bahamas is accessible to travelers by air and sea. A yacht cruise is a great way to discover its wonders, island by island. Visitors come to this paradisiacal place in droves, either by chartered commercial flights, ferries, and cruises, and leave with a heap of delightful memories.

Its calm seascapes are perfect for world-class yachting and water sports such as windsurfing, jet-skiing, snorkeling, boating, fishing, diving and wreck exploring, and kayaking.


A Vogue Voyage

The Bahamas presents a wide range of yacht selections for an unforgettable holiday-at-sea adventure. Fancy lounging on a deluxe deck aboard a fine schooner in the open seas? The At Last luxury motor yacht offers a bespoke cruise experience in total comfort and luxury.

This 43.92-meter long charter yacht accommodates up to 11 guests and boasts 5 cabins, stylish interiors and exteriors, and a highly-trained crew. She not only looks exquisite but also comes equipped with exciting amenities – a SeaVee tender, a Slalom ski, a waterslide, a wakeboard, a hydrofoil, and a Beavertail Flat Bottom Skiff. Plus, 4 wave runners, 4 paddleboards, 2 kayaks, 2 seabobs, 2 donuts, snorkeling equipment, beach setup, and assorted fishing gear.

Aside from pristine seas, The Bahamas also abounds in bays and cays that make it an extraordinary cruising destination. With the endless sceneries to be explored beyond its shores, The Bahamas has something to relax and entertain people of all ages and interests. And yachting is the best way to experience it all. 

Historic Haven

Feel like an explorer in the exact spot where Columbus’ first dropped anchor in the 15th century. The Bahamas is rich not only in history but also in its cultural heritage which can be seen in umpteen local colorful festivities, dance, music, and flavors.

Nassau, its capital, annually celebrates the summer festival Junkanoo, a jubilant street parade featuring rhythmic sounds and costumes. A unique and interesting blend of African, British, and American influences, the Bahamian culture is altogether warm and welcoming. 

Sweet Sixteen

Choose from among 16 major islands for the vacation experience of your dreams. How does a secluded pink beach sound to you? Without a doubt, it is the ultimate charming sanctuary, a perfect escape from your everyday hustle. Frolic in wanton abandon with blush-colored sands softly lodged between your toes as the waves kiss your feet. Watch the dreamy shift from sunrise to sunset happen right before your eyes.

Discover a secret sandbar as you explore an island. Bask under sublime blue skies reflected on the pristine water on a sunny day. Or take a leisurely stroll with a cocktail in your hand on a moonlit night. The Bahamas is a destination unmatched in many ways.

Dive Deep

On Andros Island, you can take a beginner resort course on the dock. Whether it’s your first time or you’re already a veteran, a dive instructor will guide you all the way from plunge to ascent. Picturesque coral gardens, a spellbinding underwater canyon, and ancient shipwrecks are among the sights you can look forward to exploring.

Wet and Wildlife

From thriving seas to undisturbed skies and dense tropical islands, The Bahamas is abuzz with rich and diverse wildlife that enhances its exotic charm. Boating here oftentimes means racing with the dolphins. Bush tours are also a favorite adventure for travelers as they unlock a world of tropical birds in their natural habitat and allow an up-close meeting with exquisite non-poisonous snakes like the Bahamian Boa and the Brown Racer.

Wild animal enthusiasts are also bound to catch a sight of flamingos, iguanas, wild cats, or leopards on the tropical islands’ ecoregions.

Swimming with Swine

Yes, you heard that right. An ocean bath can be a unique experience in this fascinating archipelago that doesn’t seem to run out of wonders. The Bahamas pigs are a major attraction in the Big Major Cay Island as they splash around and swim in the shore’s shallows, seemingly enjoying all the attention from tourists.  

Since this island is uninhabited by humans, it is little wonder that the adorable grunters feel right at home in their environs, fondly christened as Pig Beach. As a tribute, the Grand Hyatt at Nassau named its restaurant The Swimming Pig.

Escape the winter

Beat the winter chill and sail on to The Bahamas for the holidays. The temperature in this part of the globe ranges from 75°F to 84°F (24°C–29°C) year-round. The cooler parts of the day are early mornings and late evenings, leaving a whole lot of hours for recreation.

And while you can get there by plane, the journey’s excitement multiplies when you head out to your adventure on a well-equipped yacht from Boatsters Black. Numerous marinas in The Bahamas are built for schooners, and they make island-hopping fun, memorable, and hassle-free.



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Skyfall's interior layout sleeps up to 12 guests in 7 rooms, including a split-level master suite, 1 VIP stateroom, 3 double cabins, 1 twin cabin and 4 pullman beds.






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$ 290,000

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Turquoise is able to accommodate twelve guests in six generous staterooms including an impressive full beam master and VIP on the main deck, three doubles and one twin






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$ 300,000

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Welcome on board Akula, a like new Sanlorenzo SL86 now available for charter for the first time. One of the only yachts in this size bracket that is able to host eight guests in four cabins, this versatile beauty is a hallmark of modern yacht design






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$ 65.000

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