Yachting tips in Antigua

The island of Antigua is a popular yachting destination during the winter of the Northern Hemisphere, the island is easy to visit even during a brief stay. A stopover here during your Caribbean holiday is a must, as it lies in the centre of the Leeward Caribbean islands. Antigua can be a central starting point for your yacht charter holiday as well!

The time to start your charter

Antigua has a tropical climate all year round with an average temperature of 25 degrees with the sun shining throughout the entire year. We can divide the year into two periods on the islands; the rainy period between August and November and the dry period between January and June. Considering the hurricane season between June and November, the best period to travel to Antigua for your yacht charter holiday is between December and April.

Activities during your charter

This Caribbean island is perfect for the outdoor adventurer, with coral reefs mostly to the north of Antigua and a few in the south. You can explore 1000s of sea creatures while diving from your yacht.One hotspot on Antigua are the Pillars of Hercules in the south near English harbor. A perfect place to go hiking by making your way up to Galleon beach or snorkel along the walls created by millennia of erosion. Truly an eye-catching display, with rare fish and secluded beaches.

Pillars of Hercules

Antigua also offers on shore activities such as hiking to Mount Obama (previously called Boggy peak) named after the former US president to honor him. To get the best views of the island, you will need to get access to the compound of the radio towers at the top. Hiking During your yacht charter holiday we can arrange everything from start to finish!If you’re seeking a thrill combined with spectacular views, take a zip lining tour over the rainforest canopy of Antigua. With 6 different tours, the guides will take you to the most impressive parts of the island to keep in your memories forever.

Rainforest Antigua

In the East part of Antigua, the natural formation of the Devil’s bridge is a must see a spectacle of nature. With geysers and blowholes pumping out water and the Atlantic waves crashing against the surface of the rocks, it offers incredible views to behold.Only accessible by boat, take anchor at the north-west part of Antigua in the north sound and jump on the tender to look at dozens of Southern Atlantic stingrays. Look at them from the boat or jump in the water to swim, feed and play along with them. These stingrays are used to human contact and are actually almost domesticated looking for your attention. Definitely an amazing picture moment!

Swimming with stingrays

For sailing enthusiasts Antigua hosts the annual Antigua sailing week, where up to 200 yachts join in on a week full of excitement with around 1500 participants, marking this one of the top regattas in the world.

Restaurants & nightlife

For more enjoyable experiences on shore, St. John’s is the hotspot on the island of Antigua for nightlife and culinary experiences. With possibly the best rum bar in the entire Caribbean, Papa Zouk offers the widest selection of rums and the typical Caribbean cuisine with fresh fish being served on the table.

St. Johns Antigua

For more luxury, visit Shirley heights where you can enjoy the views over the English and Falmouth harbours while having a drink and watching the sunset for a breathtaking experience. Sunday is the day to enjoy this place with barbecues, live music and parties after the sun sets down!

Shirley heights Antigua

Caribbean cuisine

Start your day with a slice of freshly baked Antiguan butter bread, with a bright salami. If you blend into real Antiguan traditions, try the national dish Saltfish and fungi (pronounced foon-ji) for your breakfast - this will keep you full and ready for the activities ahead of you!
After your adventurous day, you would need to treat yourself to a freshly prepared lobster. In Antigua the most typical choice is the Caribbean- or rock-lobster, which means it has the tail but not the two enormous claws. Usually they are grilled and cooked in garlic and lemon butter sauce. This will definitely indulge your senses!

Rock lobster

To finish your day, it is a great idea to try the one and only beer on the island - Wadadli Beer or have a fine sip of the local rum on the rocks whilst enjoying an unforgettable Caribbean sunset from your yacht.Asking your chef on board to prepare an Antiguan themed day, while visiting the island, is something the chef will definitely enjoy experimenting with to give it an even more extensive and exclusive experience.

Which yachts to choose now?

To help you along the way with choosing the perfect yacht, we have made a shortlist of 3 yachts operating in the Caribbean who could include Antigua in their itinerary.

In the 50 meter range we have the beautiful tri-deck Ocean Club built by Trinity yachts. The sundeck features a cinema perfect for enjoying a movie with your friends and family under the starlight after a beautiful sunset near English harbour in Antigua.

Sweet Escape offers accommodation for 12 people during your Caribbean holiday, with an impressive toy list this 40 meter Christensen is fully equipped to enjoy your time on the water in an adventurous and active way, perfect for exploring the coasts of Antigua. With a refit in 2017, she is fully updated to modern charter standards.

Sleeping up to 8 guests in 4 cabins, the 33 meter Le Reve is fully built to entertain guests on board. With an impressive sun deck with a jacuzzi bar and sunbeds, she definitely outdoes a lot of other yachts in her size.

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