Onboard culinary experiences

We asked our yacht chefs to explain a bespoke onboard culinary experience that comes with your private yacht.


Your private gastronomy guru

One of the most coveted benefits of chartering a private crewed yacht in Croatia is that your incredible yacht will include the services of a professional and highly experienced Chef. Your private chef will design a bespoke menu that combines your specific personal tastes with the very best local produce.

The end result will be incomparable and unforgettable meals, served with a view that’ll take your breath away…


Tailor- made cuisines

The beauty of chartering is that you can literally feast on whatever you fancy during your sailing jaunt. Whether you’re a dedicated foodie who loves elaborate meals every day, the parent of a fussy child who will only eat chicken nuggets or perhaps part of a group with varying tastes… we endeavour to satisfy all your tastes, desires and necessities.The one thing we do guarantee is that your taste buds will have the time of their lives in Croatia.

Noor II Chef specialties

Noor’s Chef Domagoj is an adventurous master of his craft and lucky guests are often privy to brand new creations.


Master chef

The deep passion for creating unreal combinations and extraordinary tastes gets a winning nod from every guest Noor hosts.

Chefs absolute favourite

Freshly caught Monkfish fillets in citrus juice and dashes of a local olive oil served with creamy rocket salad and herb scented radishes

One Blue Chef specialties

One Blue’s Chef Madlen, a proud and experienced Trogir native, is revered for his incredible creativity in dealing with guests’ dietary needs and desires.

Master Chef

Chef Mladen always goes that extra mile for One Blue’s guests and his cooking flair and extensive experience throughout the Mediterranean means you can expect your meals to be locally sourced, superbly fresh and titillating in every sense.

Chefs absolute favourite

Beef fillet cooked to perfection with a ginger butter, served with a cream of red wine and citrusy salad

Would like to experience how it feels to spend a week on board awakening your taste buds, our chefs created a bespoke sample menu for you!

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Impeccable presentation and service

Exquisite food is not the only thing you will experience on board your luxury yacht charter. Highly experienced stewardesses will make sure that your tables are superbly decorated and all services are worth every Michelin star!

“Because, at the end of the charter day, astonishing culinary adventures are a huge highlight of all yacht charter vacations.”


Noor II chef

“We are picky eaters if I may say, and the cook and has been meticulous in choosing the best from fresh and seasonal ingredients, which is very important to us. He does not look for short cuts and his flair in the kitchen has been a continual source of pleasure to the whole family and to our guests.... can't wait to enjoy his dishes next season. ”

One Blue guests

“In all my years of yacht charter experiences, we can strongly say it was the best food we could wish for and chef succeeded in surprising us everyday again and again. Not only that the dishes were absolutely breath taking the service was taking it to another level - only one thing we can say - BRAVO!”

Noor II guests

Featured yachts in the area

The beauty of Croatia attracts many yacht owners as well as the yachting enthusiast, therefore it makes Croatia one of the best places offering such a wide range of yachts. 



Following an extremely successful inaugural season last year, Noor II is ready to welcome guests in the beautiful waters of Croatia during the coming summer. Her ingeniously thought-out lines bear the stamp of innovation and will undoubtedly attract gazes of admiration wherever she goes.


Designed by the world famous Frank Mulder, one Blue is synonymous with sleek lines and performance. One Blue’s sun deck is a social spot, complete with jacuzzi and a lounging area designed to enjoy a light lunch or evening cocktails.

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